Thursday, April 2, 2015

Things I love #1!

Hello all! , I am starting new weekly label it's called "Things I Love". Will make collage of all my totally-rad things that i'm loving currently. Will write about them & show you that it could be quite fun enjoying little things in life^. Time to unveil my favorites:


Who says smokin' is bad eh?^ Buh nobody said anything bad about smokin these babies right? xp.


My favorite clothing brand lately has been "BELOVEDSHIRTS". Man, I adore their latest collection like check out this chucky inspired shirt xD *Hilarious*. I wants it!.


The cutest boy i came across. *him*. Lol. Seriously Kmn & marry me already.


Pizza donuts anyone? Just yum!. Got to try them before you die.


I am in love with chester bennington because:
a.) He screams his lungs out
b.) He is so cute
c.) Read a.) & b.) again xp.


Omg! Eminem eating m&m's with other eminems? You gotta be serious man!
I think my life just got completed. Who even needs a boyfriends?xp.


On next Thrusday I will share more crazy,

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