Sunday, November 30, 2014

Christmas SALE 20% OFF On EVERYTHING^!

Hey ya all just a short notice, Christmas special SALE is on till December 2014 ^^ 20% will be off on all custom orders and EVERYTHING you see on my page here:
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Make sure you you avail discount opportunities before the sale is off x>.


Vintage Frame and Edit^!

As you might have noticed I'm blogging now "everyday" yes^!.It took me quite long time to figure out to stop being so damn lazy. Well, lazy aint a very much suitable word for here. But the guilt which came along for not being "regular"and plain barging into being pathetic with updates was even worse. Eventually all my ideas started haunting me as they grew more and more bigger, as my sketchbook started filling up with more little doodles of what I want to make and what I have planned to do. I took sometime to gather my succumb thoughts and crazy tactics. Very soon I realized a plain simple formula that I came up with:

Unless You really ACT upon them"

This must be daunting to you, but trust me, it's exactly how the "success" works. Like say, how many people you see at pinterest who would pin thousands of "ideas" and then actually really "ACT" upon those ideas as well?^. Not even 2%!. The ideas and Diy's get pinned, never to look back to again. That's a similar story of mine. You all are so talented I know, then why waste such a talent?. Utilize and make use of what's in your head and just GET IT OUT Asap!.

Anyway now let's come to juicy part, today I'm going to share my vintage frame product and how I edited my Promo picture for this product check below:

It's done in three simple steps:

Step#1: Outline your image with white brush line and then 
using magic tool in adobe photo shop remove unwanted background.

Step#2: Delete your image background by unlocking your photo"layer",
once it will become transparent, save your image on ".PNG" format.

Step#3: Add your photo to Layer#2 (which can be any background) using adobe photo shop.
Then add text using I love using this free editing site, as
it tends to have some of the most amazing fonts.


Voila, your promo photo is ready :D!

You can purchase this vintage frame with print from my page here.

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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Butterfly Wing Face Art!

Winters are here which gave me an excuse to camouflage my blonde streak with green and left eye with a butterfly wing x>. Thanks to make up artist Nick. For doing this crazy cool face art. Personally speaking these days i'm trying to do all my ideas which I've sketched in my inspiration notebook. I'm a sucker for ideas and inspo. So I make sure I keep plenty in my head and notebook both :D (Crazy Fact: I have got 10,000 fun idea pictures stored at my pc and pinterest but I still keep looking for more because I feel it's less- Clutter Alert LoL). I feel bad most of the time not able to get all those ideas out(who knows about tomorrow that's why). So I'm going to train myself for next 30 days to post in a schedule(trying fellas I know i aint regular here).  Meanwhile check out my  face art, you can try this face art for Halloween or even your birthday party too ;^:

I decided to spray some parrot green 
temporary dye on my blondie streak^.
Wearing purple stones earrings x>, which
you can purchase from here for hardly 2.50$


I simply put on some shiny blue and green eye shade
on my lips and wore transparent lip gloss to make 
eye shadow stay "adhered" and not make my lips dry^.


Butterfly hair pin i'm wearing is from forever21.
I hope it's still available, they have in orange and blue 
color too^. I featured this butterfly hair pin
in my post here.


Close up of my eye makeup. Diamantees were pasted all over the wing area
using eye lash glue^. It comes off very easily. No pain x>.


Thanks for letting me share my butterfly wing face art:>,
And thanks again to Nick for doing this
cool face art^


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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Featured Artist#3: Red Work Stitches

It's been long time since I featured any artist on my blog. Ever since I did my first two "featured artist" posts, I have been getting so many requests for featuring more artists. So many of you in-boxed me your work on my face book page, to conduct mini interview and to spread their story behind creation of their brands. Seriously, THANK YOU all. I love all of your work and don't think I will ignore it. Every artist who send me their work to be featured on my blog will be  featured here. But I will do that bit by bit, like not to rush into things. I want to take time in checking out your work and gathering questions individually.^

So today, I've decided to feature amazing embroidery designer "Iva Susec". She does some pretty embroidery on jewelry pieces. Her embroidered figure work is super cool too.^ Iva Susec, she runs an Etsy shop with brand name called "RedWorkStitches".

RedWorkStitches Wall decor x>

Hello Iva, I'm curious to know story behind your brand name "Red Work Stitches" what does it mean and how you came up with such an idea?^

Iva: For years I'm collecting vintage red work motives for embroidery. Redwork motives till the 1850's were embroidered only in red color, soon after sometime people started embroidering with blue color too, it rose Redwork to blue work. Today redwork is embroidering in every color you can imagine, but name Redwork is still in use.

Redworkstitches "His" and "Her" hoops^

I've seen your embroidery pieces, they look fabtastic, especially your "his" & "her" figures. Was it difficult job embroidering them?^

Iva: I love "his and her" figures, i have plans to make them more soon. It's easy for me to make them, I embroidered since childhood, but objectively I think that anyone who put some effort in it can make them.

Some pretty embroidered roses on brooch by Iva^

Can you share your most commonly used method of embroidering a flower?^

Iva: For roses i use bullion stitch and for other flowers lazy daisy stitch and french knot.


How much time does it takes to make a simple embroidery piece?^

Iva: For simple model, like his and her figures it take around 2,3 hours.

Jewelry Set by RedworkStitches^

What do you enjoy making more?^embroidery jewelry or loop hole hangings?

Iva: Hard question, after long thinking about it I can't decide. For hoop art I use vintage redwork motives which delight me with simplicity, I also love embroidered jewelry because they look like miniature bouquet that never wilt.

Is there a possibility of availability for embroidery patches in near future in your etsy shop?^

Iva: I didn't think about it. It's not in the plan, for now, but thank you for idea.

What was the most difficult embroidery project you've done so far?^

Iva: Croatian gold embroidery, that is traditional technique specific for the Slavonic area. Gold embroidery is an embroidery technique in which gold thread is sewed by cotton thread over paper. You can use three types of thread; gold, white gold or silver. It’s usually done on black, green, red, white and blue silk or velvet. You can use sample (patterns) that already exist, but women with more experience make their own samples. Most common motifs are of floral designs. Gold embroidery is dating back in 19th century. It was sign of prestige of rich families, their daughters and sons. It was used for making most beautiful men vests and female shirts. Before that, gold embroidery was only used in churches, on courts and in houses of rich families. Gold embroidery was first mentioned in books of Dubrovnik in 13th century. It is recognized as Croatian souvenir, usually as pictures, bottles, jewelry or national costumes.

Do you have any plans for taking embroidery projects done on apparel?^

Iva: Actually, I was little experimenting with it, but I don't have plans for the future with it.

Cute Rose Embroidered Earrings By RedWorkStitches^

What type of wool and yarns you use for your embroidery?^

Iva: I use cotton thread for making needlepoint.

What is price range of your products at etsy shop?^

Iva: Average price my works on Etsy is around 25-30 dollars.

Any advice for young girls who would love to go on embroidery venture?^

Iva: My advice is that on internet you can find everything, for example I didn't knew about bullion stitch at all, I've learned it on Pinterest and now with that I make maybe my most beautiful items.


Thank you Iva for sharing your amazing work^
and taking out time for this mini interview x>.
You can check out Eva's Etsy shop here.


Hope you enjoyed checking out this week's featurette fellas ^,
I better stop getting lazy and start featuring more of you all artists,
What you think?x>.

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Friday, November 14, 2014

Inspirations: "Black and White Edition"

I collected some fun black and white inspirations for you to check out :^. These days i'm having alot of busy times endlessly working on hand made products.

Love this quote in elsie's
laundry room^


Need to try this thick hair
flick;^ and her black attire
plus eye makeup is hot.


Love transulucent shades,
So pretty.


This hot black jacket
is wow.


Cardboard boxes for organizing?^
So so pretty!

These journals are hilarious,
You write your negative
feelings in black one and
all your happy times
in white journal.


I have shiny version of
this nail paint. It's awesome!^


These tips wear them on
your sleeve, if you want
to succeed.


This iron on skull patch
is so rad ^.


My online shop had similar
iron on skull patch too,
Which got sold off^


These pencils in white....

& black too ^)

Thanks for letting me share 
my black and white inspo!

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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Conceptual Art: Freedom

Good morning fellas :>. I'm very much excited to share two of my new conceptual art tutorials. If you're a photographer and love editing. Then you should try going for "Conceptual Art" series.^. This tends to include all your thoughts, imagination, ideas, emotions and feelings being transferred to "Photographs" in your own way. When you doing some conceptual shots, only you can understand them way better than anyone. As the art tends to be very much close to the psyche of an artist. Today i'm doing a "Freedom" edition which includes:

#1 Flying On 7th Cloud:

I took a snap of me lying on my bed like this. I wanted 
to do something like as if i'm lying on "cloud".
So I simply googled pretty cloud pictures, using adobe
photo shop I erased the background, and added my photo to 
2nd layer i.e the cloud photo^. Ta-da. Add some
related quote under your photo to add some
meaning to your conceptual photos.

"I'm Free,
& I'm not too far from that feeling I know.."


#2 I Don't Care Anymore:

For my next photo I wanted it 
to have like a "Carefree", or free spirited aura.
Using I added crow stamps.
To add some effects I used "Vampire Effect",
which added a lot of drama to what ever I wanted my
photo to have. Next comes the caption ;>, 
read below for it.

"You kept on quitting on me,
Every time i tried,
Until i realized..
I don't care anymore..."


Thanks for checking out my conceptual art x>,
These will be continuous series so keep checking out
my blog for more.

If you missed out on my previous conceptual art 
post you can check it out right here.^


Until next time,
Take Care,



Sunday, November 9, 2014

DIY: Birdie House and Rack!

Hello, how are you all! And yes you might be surprised to see me posting all of sudden right after yesterday's post eh?. I have finally "de-cluttered" my mind, organized my blog posts and I'm all set to sharing fun ideas, tips, diys, new labels, introducing new artists, sharing my handmade products and so much more. I can't wait to take you all on a journey with me along my little dreams coming true bit by bit.You will be seeing my posts regularly now IA. Now coming to the cool part: I'm starting new blog label "DIY". It will be so much fun to share fun diys from time to time :>.  Today I'm going to share bird's house and rack diy:

#1 Diy Bird House:

Firstly, you need to purchase these wooden bird houses from any pet shop. Then paint it up, i painted using acrylics. Next stick round river stones in circular shape on ground using cement as base. Place your rod in wet cement and attach to bird's house bottom. Leave it to dry.

Looks pretty what you think?.

#2 Rack Diy:

I had two Ikea racks which with time deteriorated, they lost their finish and I had no option but to throw them away?. Not really!!. Rule#1: When you are a designer, never throw away anything always find ways to recycle and spicing it up. I grabbed my paints, did two tones red and parrot green. The final result looked so vintage and cool. My advice would be to always recycle your available materials.
This tends to be Eco-friendly.

Thanks for letting me share my mini diys.
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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Peek Into My materials I use For..

My blog views are 1908 and seriously thank you all, even though i'm such a lousy at updates, I hardly even post but still you all are checking out my stuff that shows I might be making something you might like ?^. Excuses, excuses and excuses, my head's getting bigger as all these ideas are exploding in my head for blog posts. Owh, no more excuses I should make time for sharing art for the name of love. As much as lousy I might seem in updates here, but trust me I aint anything like that in real. I work all day making hand made things and still at end of the day I feel unsatisfied. It's like this hunger in me for "Creating" never decreases but it keeps on craving for more. I'm a King of collection of materials for my crafts. I'm crazy for anything starting from paint to felt and fabrics. Today i'm going to give you peek into my favorite materials I use for creating lovely products that you see here and at my page.

I love pentel's poster paints they rock. Acrylics are my favorite too.
The most commonly used materials in my collections tend to be,
felt and foamic sheet. I love cutting these  two mediums and having fun
with making crazy things out of them.

The most commonly used material  tends to be white in color. Which
includes white mugs, fabric and painting canvas. I also love 
experimenting with yarn and glitter. They are super amazing.

Mugs are my precious in my material collection. I love
painting them with different mediums. I also love
glitter pens, water color markers and acrylic paints(My ma
gifted me these long time ago).

Thanks for Checking out my favorite materials,
Until next time,
Take Care,