Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Scraps, Nutella and Kitty Ears

Hello! i'm back with again new "Peeks" of my work! I'm a work-aholic, yes very much. It was not showing much in my previous posts but now it will show more often. Here are all cool gems i'm working on today:

Kitty cat hairband i'm working at. Side#1 is ready now working at side#2(good news it's complete now). Man i love linkin park, they are like my therapy helps me in getting my work done on time. I am esp loving "the best song" collection of linkin park at youtube\m/ rocks much! Xo.

This is an original print I did not took inspo for this from no where.  I love nutella very much.

Painting on totes bag & the vest she wearing is all glittery. Simple trick i use is add glitter into fabric paint.
Cool right?
Dino munchies are in love xp!. This embroidery patch is complete now. I give peeks of it yesterday, Just wanted to show you though that how I embroidered my patch. So here it is.

Lastly, over 100 scraps ready can't wait to paint these now. I want to make scrapbook kits from these.

I love my fans & art lovers much.
So, Let's exchange emails: diaryofseresha@yahoo,com


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Monday, March 30, 2015

Behind the scene: Dinosaurs and Pandas

Heya all, I have decided to introduce new label to my blog called "Behind The Scene". I really don't want to wait whole week for one product to finish off and then show you everything about it. I wanted to give you peeks everyday of my work as most of you do not follow me on instagram. So here is what I have been up to making:
This cute dino munchies "in love" print & embroidery patch I just finished working. Today i took their shots.
I made a new painting it's called "Future Rockstar", inspired by USA flag, my wardrobe & rolling stone shirt. I love rolling stones(Yay to that).
Here are my bunch of new paintings. All my paintings have got pretty borders and are signed by me. Love these eh?.

Lastly, it's raining here from few days like crazy so it give me reason to pull out my panda. I'm just playing with paint & having fun much. I might keep face painting booth in near future so practicing my hand at it.

Do I look like bill kaulitz here?
Tell me no.


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Sunday, March 29, 2015

"Final Masquerade"(Part:1)

I did new conceptual art recently. I'm getting so amazing ideas lately all thanks to linkin park. Their videos and lyrics are giving me much to capture about. Damn inspiring. I will be doing 4, 5 conceptual shots from this song video called Final Masquerade. You have not seen it yet?, you should right here.

The video tends to have abstract out of this world dark imagery. I'm big fan of horror and everything surreal. I came across some awesome thoughts when watching the video, here is how I got inspired:

I love the picture#2 vertically. "Trust No One" spray painted on wall give me a very cool idea. 

Here is step by step tutorial of how I edited my concept:

Step#1: Crop & Re-size picture.
Step#2: Using adobe Photoshop tool "Healing Brush". Clear out whole background.
Step#3: Add  texture using picmonkey.com. I chose their "board texture#5" for background.
Step#4: Using Adobe Photoshop select your brush with realistic spray paint effect(Adjust opacity & strength as desired). After choosing text, spray your words on photo.
Step#5: Finally add Vampire effect using picmonkey.com & increase photo saturation;>.

Here is how my final photo turned out ^:

"Everyone is a gamer in this world,
Don't trust someone so much that it hurts you in the end man,
Just don't take no one much seriously,
Enjoy & have fun"-seresha


There will be 2 more parts of this series, 
Two more tutorials from conceptual art "Final Masquerade" sounds good eh?^.

For checking out my previous series of conceptual art click here, here, here & here.

Hope this helps you somehow in expressing yourself more easily through photos^,
If you need any help in getting started just leave at comments here,


Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Inspirations and Ideas: Eggshells Edition!

Growing up , we had tradition at home painting eggs on every Eid. It's funny how many more ideas exist today, I never knew about decoupage technique at that time. Thanks to pinterest and Google, we can search thousands of ideas within few seconds. But more than "just idea", you need to have skills of doing good research. I really hate too common ideas stepping in market. Be bold, share new ideas always. Here are some cool egg shell ideas you can try on this Easter:

#1 Paint Em Cute:

I love the way the little chick looks like.
So damn cute. Paint one like it x>?.


#2 Grow miniature Plants:

I wonder if this would really work out eventually when plants
will grow bigger they will need to be shifted into
bigger containers i guess. Cool thought though
for recycling.


#3 Embellished:

First thought came in head looking at these,
"wow so pretty x>". Use stickers &
ribbons for embellishment.


#4 Glitterfy Them:

German glue works best with
covering glitter layers on egg shells.


#5  Decoupage:

Got old paper napkin to throw?.
Cut out it's patterns & decoupage on eggs shells.


#6 Make Pop up Butterflies:

Just like popup cards or books. 
Fold butterfly print outs in two, paste them 
on egg shells. I love the vintage effect these
are giving x>.


#7 Family Photos On eggs:

These look so cute. Decoupage your family photos
on egg shells.^


#8 Decoupage Real Flowers:

Dried leaves and flowers can be decoupaged on eggs too x>
me likes.


#9  Message In Egg:

This could be cool idea to leave someone a secret message 
inside an egg. x>

Hope these might help you get started at trying out some ideas on Easter>.
thanks for checking,

Monday, March 23, 2015

Cute Gift Packaging and Boxes!

I have got over 100 drafts in my studio for different types of gift packaging and boxes. I will start sharing my drafts in my next series that way you could make your own gift boxes too^(how cool will that be?;>). Anyway, here are my collection of gift boxes that I made on custom order for different people:

#1 Box board Packaging:

I added cute patterns on this one with paint.
Lighter colors look cool on box board.


#2 House Boxes:

I made bunch of these for chocolates & cookies.
I gifted 1 to my favorite teacher, sold 3 of them on
my stall.


Only this Christmas wreath house box is left now.
It's for 100rs only at my page.


#3 Hot pink:

I made custom necklace for someone for this packaging, you can read
it's full feature here.
Added lips print out later on top.


#4 Miniature Key chain Box:

This one is for custom key packaging I made on
order. Kind of was challenging to make it so
small. I finished off by adding glitter heart
cut out as tag on top^.


#5 Custom Valentines Day Packaging:

This wallet & along with packaging available for purchase 
at my page. The name initial tag can be changed.^


#6 Patterned Packaging For Wallet:

This was very fun to make. I made a neon diamond
tag for this one. Added two different patterns on the box top.


Here is how I made the pattern design.
I used golden glitter glue.


Thanks for checking out my gift packaging ideas^.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Bad Gossip

Man, I love conceptual art. There is something damn comforting about expressing your emotions good/bad through your photos. In today's edition I decided to try out a different genre which we all hate the most i.e "Gossiping". Anyone being called ugly on face or behind back aint right. To me I think we all are beautiful. Discriminating someone on basis of appearance, skin or caste is so not cool. When I was growing up I was the most ugly chic you have ever seen. I had braces, wore stupid specs, had acne & was damn tan. Nobody liked me at school & all boys would choose my hot friends over me. It's very funny how couple of years totally changed me into something out of this world. But believe me I have felt your pain & been through the same phase like you might be going through  My little advice would be don't lose hope, eventually all ugly ducklings grow into white swans;>. 

Here are some cool shots I did:

#1 Ugly?:

When someone asks you a stupid question,
reply back with an evil smirk. Shuts'em out;>.


#2 You Don't Know:

Once you get famous, people makeup stomach stories
about you.
But you need to remember,
they don't know sh*t^.


#3 Respect:

You get hated & talked about.
But here's a good news you don't have to care
about everything.


Use my pictures as motivation to move forward in your life. There is a much better way to deal with rats man. Just be sarcastic & make fun of your haters :>.

(I will not be posting links anymore here of my sites, you can check out my new "contact" page on right side above for all details)

Friday, March 20, 2015

Conceptual Art: "Abandoned"

The whole point of conceptual art is being able to express your thoughts, feelings and negative vibes through photos. Just like Journal Art, conceptual art is awesome for expressing your negative emotions. It's best to get those thoughts out of your head before they make you go crazy or lose your mind. I use this outlet for expressing my deep down feelings which is totally personal so I won't be revealing their meanings or intentions. But I will be teaching you how you can make your conceptual art too^^:

"Mocking Bird":

Choose a concept in your head for the setup
& edits you will be adding to your photos.
Best to make rough draft in your mind.
Here is this caption I choose for my photo:

"I know sometimes things may not always make sense to you right now...
All I ever wanted to do was just to make you PROUD,
Now I'm sitting in this empty house, 
Just reminiscing
Looking at your pictures,
It just trips me,
That time went by so fast.."
(Taken from song eminem "Mocking bird")


"My own Prison"..:

When you are doing conceptual art,
make sure you are dressed accordingly
to your theme. 
This is what my photo is saying:

"The walls are cold and pale...
My breath the only motion around...
Demons cluttering around...
My face showing no emotion..

So I held my head up high...
Hiding hate that burns inside...
Which only fuels their selfish pride..

Far from the sun...
A sun that shines on only some....
Should have been freed
On a Sunday morning...
No time for Tears..
Aint got no time...."
(Taken from  song "My Own Prison" by Creed)


For checking out my previous Conceptual Art editions click on numbers below:


Need help in expressing yourself through photos?^
Just drop under comments here^


Until next time,
Take Care,



Thursday, March 19, 2015

Tips On: Sketching!

Hello all!^. How you doing?. Hope you all are having fun following my DIYs x>. Lately there has been rise in my sketch work at my instagram account: @styleatfootstep. I share fun behind the scene videos a lot at my instagram. Which got beginner designers question that how to even sketch? And from where you should start?. Personally, I sketch just for fun. During my fashion degree, I would get tons of assignments related to sketching part. Somehow I got addicted to drawing. Here are some ideas & tips for starting out as a doodle artist or sketcher:

Pretty Things To Remember:

These lovely tips are beautiful, you can save it in your phone
for reminder.When you are sketching, patience is the key fendis.
You can not possibly finish one sketch in a day. Take time,
relax. Just do one bit at a time. So that you have 
really made your sketch from heart & not for the sake
of pressure received from it.


Start From Here:

The first homework I have for you is to start
with learning to draw realistic looking eye.
Trust me I learned to draw this when was hardly 
11 years old. It's something very basic you
should know how to sketch.The above tutorial is awesome.
You can make step by step realistic eye by following  the above


Here is my realistic eye which I drew following,
above tutorial. Seems quite fun right?.
If I can sketch this, so can you.
Do it!.


Envision Your Fantasy:

Your next homework I want to give you is,
write down your list of thoughts & feelings.
Try drawing them on sketch paper. This
activity will not only help you picture your
imagination better, but also the more you will
do so, the better chances of creative growth
you will receive x>. I started out exactly like that.
The above sketch of mine "Abstract vs Realism" is
a sample of it^.


Hope this might help you in some way^.
If you got questions or need any help,
just email me at:

I will be delighted to answer you x>


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Until next time,
Take Care,



Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Food Diary #1: Popsicles, Candy Maneuver and Jungle Juice!

I love traveling, going out for fun & trying out new cuisines. When I save money, I always go buy one of my favorite meals.After all you only live once and it's best to treat yourself from time to time. Here are my 5 cravings that I want you to try out till you living:

#1 Emirates Business Class Meal:

The best meal i ever had. It's even more delicious than 5 star hotel. Flying with emirates?, better go through business class next time.
Anyway, here is what I ate there:
*Pan fried salmon, with mashed sweet potatoes & veggies.
*Mix of fruit salad & chicken tikka.
*Three different types of bread with butter.
*For dessert I ate cheese cake with blue berry sauce &
godiva chocolate.

Everything was just yum but  it gets better,
especially when you have breakfast too:
My breakfast experience was amazing,
I ate:

*Fruit salad with Parmesan bread with butter
*Later, I ate cheese omelette with sausage, chicken steak, tomato sauce & crispy fries
*Lastly, for dessert they give me big basket full of different types of chocolate bread & cupcakes to choose from I picked this yum dark chocolate cupcake
Had very much fun sleeping in big chairs & comfortable pillows. loved my experience.
Thank you Emirates for making my trip comfy and fun!.

#2 Popsicles:

I love Popsicle & ice lollies. My favorite is Jet sport by walls. It's orange flavored, i can have dozens of them in a day. Have not tried that yet? you should!.

#3 London Fish & Chips:

I love fries & fish. The best part about london fish & chips is the delicious cream sauce dipping they give along with your ordered snack. I have this snack whenever I visit Dubai. 

#4 Candy Maneuver:

This might sound crazy. But I have a sweet tooth. I love marshmallows, jellies, chocolates & sweets. I always go for candy shopping spree with my best friend & buy bag full of sweet treats. My favorite chocolate is kitkat chunky duo. I love the thickness of crispy kitkat layer you get with every bite of it.

My Candy Tip: Go out & buy bunch yourself, you will love it fendis!.

#5  Jungle Juice:

The most refreshing experience I had was grabbing one of these sugar cane juices. They freshly make fruit juices in front of you. You can find this is Dubai at Jungle juice.

Thanks for checking out my cravings!.


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