Thursday, March 19, 2015

Tips On: Sketching!

Hello all!^. How you doing?. Hope you all are having fun following my DIYs x>. Lately there has been rise in my sketch work at my instagram account: @styleatfootstep. I share fun behind the scene videos a lot at my instagram. Which got beginner designers question that how to even sketch? And from where you should start?. Personally, I sketch just for fun. During my fashion degree, I would get tons of assignments related to sketching part. Somehow I got addicted to drawing. Here are some ideas & tips for starting out as a doodle artist or sketcher:

Pretty Things To Remember:

These lovely tips are beautiful, you can save it in your phone
for reminder.When you are sketching, patience is the key fendis.
You can not possibly finish one sketch in a day. Take time,
relax. Just do one bit at a time. So that you have 
really made your sketch from heart & not for the sake
of pressure received from it.


Start From Here:

The first homework I have for you is to start
with learning to draw realistic looking eye.
Trust me I learned to draw this when was hardly 
11 years old. It's something very basic you
should know how to sketch.The above tutorial is awesome.
You can make step by step realistic eye by following  the above


Here is my realistic eye which I drew following,
above tutorial. Seems quite fun right?.
If I can sketch this, so can you.
Do it!.


Envision Your Fantasy:

Your next homework I want to give you is,
write down your list of thoughts & feelings.
Try drawing them on sketch paper. This
activity will not only help you picture your
imagination better, but also the more you will
do so, the better chances of creative growth
you will receive x>. I started out exactly like that.
The above sketch of mine "Abstract vs Realism" is
a sample of it^.


Hope this might help you in some way^.
If you got questions or need any help,
just email me at:

I will be delighted to answer you x>


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