Saturday, March 14, 2015

Tips On: Making Your Own Logo

When I started my face book page and brand: Style At Foot Step, I really wanted my logo to not typically be a geometric sign or corel draw infused image. I wanted my logo to endure that party vibe. I wanted it to be colorful, fun and unique. So here what I did:

I chose my photo and desaturated it's colors, then I resaturated
it again with hues. Adding cute text using and
mustache stamp later^.


My Inspiration:

Kfc logo of colonel sanders xD.
I know it's funny that my inspiration came from the weirdest
part ever. But it's true i love KFC. Crazy about it!.
This logo is so unique, I had to use it as my inspiration.


Original Photo:

This picture was taken at floral day theme party,
i was all colorful & holding balloons. What could be
perfect match than this photo :>?. I was smiling like
colonel in this photo plus was holding balloons.
It was perfect logo for my brand ^^.


Perfect fit for my fun products x>eh?.


Ps- I will soon be changing my logo & want
to make it even more unique than this xD.


Tips on choosing logo:

#1 Make sure your logo represents the
type of service/product you selling.
#2 It should go according to your theme.
#3 Select a unique image/sign.
#4 Even silly inspirations can make up
a cute logo eventually ;>.


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Thanks for checking out my logo story^


Until next time,
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