Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Scraps, Nutella and Kitty Ears

Hello! i'm back with again new "Peeks" of my work! I'm a work-aholic, yes very much. It was not showing much in my previous posts but now it will show more often. Here are all cool gems i'm working on today:

Kitty cat hairband i'm working at. Side#1 is ready now working at side#2(good news it's complete now). Man i love linkin park, they are like my therapy helps me in getting my work done on time. I am esp loving "the best song" collection of linkin park at youtube\m/ rocks much! Xo.

This is an original print I did not took inspo for this from no where.  I love nutella very much.

Painting on totes bag & the vest she wearing is all glittery. Simple trick i use is add glitter into fabric paint.
Cool right?
Dino munchies are in love xp!. This embroidery patch is complete now. I give peeks of it yesterday, Just wanted to show you though that how I embroidered my patch. So here it is.

Lastly, over 100 scraps ready can't wait to paint these now. I want to make scrapbook kits from these.

I love my fans & art lovers much.
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