Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Whites to Silver!

Hello everyone. Sorry for being away for such a long time. Here are some awesome inspirations for you to check out that I came across:

These rad shoes!. The sole opens and you can put a spider inside. Creepy or cool?

-Diary Of Seresha

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Diy: Cardboard Buildings Artwork

 Here is a basic card board art work I made. For this all you need are some paints, scissors and a card board piece which can be taken from milk box carton.
  1.  Draw cool buildings art work using pencil.
  2. Then paint the building base black using mixture of acrylic and poster paint.
  3. Do the outlines of the buildings using white paint(This will give it chalkboard effect).
  4. Cut out the edges using sharp scissors(You need to have practice for cutting card board neatly or you can opt using cutter or laser too. I prefer cutting all my art works using normal scissors since I have a lot of practice. I am creating arts from past 7 years).

Final cardboard art work will look like this. You can write fun message behind this and gift to someone or keep it on your mantle piece for decoration.

Coming up with lots of new diys for you!

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

I am micro celebrity of Islamabad?

As an aspiring "First female vlogger" from Islamabad I'm honored to be considered in "Micro Celebrities" of a written thesis of Ripha University student Mahnoor. I received an email if I would be interested to give interview for the thesis and just the thought of being considered "Micro Celebrity" of Islamabad was very gratifying. I'm humbled. So I invited mahnoor to come join us for sushi at Suki Sushi, while I give interview.

The sushi with maki was yum!. Y'all must try.

Suki Sushi, F7, Jinnah Super Market, next to Illusions.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Shop Update: Heart Break Under Your Skin

My new art print set depicts what an internal heart can go through. It comes with glow and dark skull which is actually a necklace. 

Join my handmade shop page here.

-Diary Of Seresha

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Baramda Cafe Launch

I really enjoy promoting event launches especially if I'm invited to them as guest. This launch was fun tbh
I bought this jacket from Thrift shop and added set of pins and badges I created myself.
I met abdullah quereshi on this event who was sweet enough to take selfie with me, damn he so tall.
And my all time favorite person from Islamabad I look onto so much Muzammil, founder of House of Lol

Location: Islamabad, F11 behind Coffee Planet

-Diiary of seresha

Monday, June 5, 2017

Whatever I feel is my Therapy

Whatever I feel is my therapy,
Whatever I express is my therapy:

You got her heart and my heart
But none of the pain
You shot the bullet
But I got the blame
Cuz you left me dying
With no honor to live

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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Collab: A Gaming Video

It was not long ago when I made a video for Zenith X films for a gaming club at bahriatown. Don't be surprised if you'll come across my video where I'm portraying a character of hardcore gamer. The most challenging part was to pretend to play a game on my computer while the demo was playing and just seem excited for nothing. I am not a "gamer" nor I have any time for them. The last time i played any video games were when I was 16. Sega, Need for speed, GTA-vice city were quite in during those days I've played it all including Mortal Kombat on tv. I quit after age 17 because of my designing/media career.

I aint no professional videographer/photographer. Nor I know any fancy gadgets to use. They were quite generous though to lend me their professional dslr for recording this video.

I always enjoy collabs because they not only give me freedom to connect with other talented artists out there but also add a leverage to my cumbersome routine.

I'm always up for collabs nigga. Hit me up if you have some cool collab idea in your head.

-Diary Of Seresha

Saturday, June 3, 2017

*from gloss to blue hues*

I love the way summer and ramazan is turning out for me this year. Lots of inspiration everywhere. Starting from a glossy/shiny makeup look to vintage glasses for party, painting the pine cones pastel shades along with these stripy wooden scales.

-Diary Of Seresha

Friday, June 2, 2017

*Carnivals and Clowns*

As early as I remember, I was very much fond of the idea of carnivals. Jokers/clowns never intimidated me, in fact I kind of enjoyed messing around with them. My dream job often was imagined in a carnival place. Rides, candy, games, clowns, circus, fun; what person in the world would say no to all that?.

Last year on my 27th birthday I took all of my best friends for a fun mary-go-round ride and walk in birdland where we got to see some very cool animals and enjoy the rides/parade. I made a vlog as well on my whole birthday fun you can have a watch right here.

I plan something super fun for my upcoming 28th birthday and I just can not wait for everyone to be the part of it.

Sources: 1 - 2

-Diary Of Seresha