Sunday, October 26, 2014

Pom Pom Hair Band!

Hey ya fellas ^! I'm back again with another interesting fun head wear accessory that I made and it got sold. Few months ago I came across yarn "pom pom" idea. They seemed quite easy to make, but believe me when I started making my very first versions, they sucked big time. I saw gazillions of diy pom pom tutorials, but could not crack the code of how to cut them exactly "Round". It was so damn nerve wrecking the whole process of figuring out, i kept on failing every time. But still, I couldn't just give up like that, I had so many cool jewelry and accessory ideas coming in my head using pom poms.So after a week of cutting dozens of pom poms, I finally cracked the code. None of the tutorials found online will ever tell you how to cut a pom pom round. But let me share today to help you save from all the fuss that I went through "figuring out"-it's simple, you just trim a pom pom like a "bush", like as if you giving someone a haircut^.

Pom Pom hairband-You can place similar order
for this one from my page here


Making pom pom hair band was fun,
I wanted to make it look really unique and not like
a "typical" hairband. So, I made different sizes of pom poms,
stitched them one by one on hairband^.


My pom pom hair band was shot with other accessories
in my spring collection 2014^, which included:

*Pom Pom Hairband
*Pom Pom Ring
*Neon Metallic Bangles
*Spring Gift Basket
*Yarn Mug Cover
*Love Dove Hand Made Cards^


As you've guessed my next product post will be:
Pom Pom Ring :>.

Hope you enjoyed my mini post ^,
Thanks for letting me share.

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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Inspirations#5: "Hot Pink Edition"

I have organized plenty of "inspiration" editions for you all. I'm loving these inspirations so far as i will be adding not only fun ideas and my inspos but also some bits of my own snaps ^). Today's inspiration edition includes everything "hot pink". Safe to say i'm a pink lady. As a kid, I owned a pink fridge, pink swing in my garden and pink roller skates.^ Still my craze for pink did not go, even at age 25, i'd love to own 80% stuff in pink :^.

#1 Butterfly Hair Pin:

I love this hair pin it looks like a real
Butterfly.I often wear this cutesie for
unique shots.^


And yes I own this butterfly hair pin.
If it's still available you can check it
out from Forever21^.


#2 Fairy Tale Silhouttes:

I love this idea for framing fairytale
characters^. A sweet way
for making wall art.


#3 Doodle Art Book:

This book is beyond awesome for
taking up some inspirations.
Every page has something to be
inspired about. It's available at for purchase.


#4 Pretty Oscar Dress:

This is one hot dress. For prom night
or any evening function.


And I own a similar version of
this dress^. If not same, it just
reminded me of the above dress.


#5 Everything Pink:

A good idea to own pink cellphone,
Ipod, pen, diary and even
cushion cover.
This snap is a perfect inspo for "Girly Barbie Types"^.


#6 Lingerie:

Honestly speaking I loved the hotpink
silk fabric used in this lingerie^.
I have never owned any lingerie in my


#7 Lip Scrub:

Rather than wasting so much money
on these lip scrubs. Make your own lip
scrub by adding brown sugar, honey and lemon in small balm container.
Use it everynight before sleep^, for smooth lips.


#8 Pretty Quote:

Loved the typo done here. 
This can be framed too ^?.


#9 Hot Pink Jug Handles:

Instead of spraying whole jug or
your crockery. Simply spray just the
handles and top. Final result looks


#10 Avril Lavigne:

Hot pink streak, a diamantee bolt
sign on teeshirt and liquorice eye 
makeup. These all going so well
together loved♥^


Hope you enjoyed today's edition^,
These series will continue IA.

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Featured Artist#2: "Amena Malik Fashion Illustrator"

Two months ago I started out new blog label called Featured Artist. Here I will be featuring new artist every week. For a while I kind of neglected this label due to the other areas of interest on this blog. I love creating that's a fact but more than that I feel obliged as an artist to promote other talented people too. It's so much fun learning stories and fun bits behind every artist's tale. Today on blog I have a very special artist featured, she makes pretty fashion illustrations. Amena shares some tips in between as the interview goes on:

(Illustration with floral design details)
You can check out Amena's rest of illustrations here: 

Question#1: Hello Amena, I love your floral details you add on your illustrations. Tell us how did your process of illustrating these amazing fashion figures started? Was it by birth in you or you discovered that with time?.

Amena: I had a good drawing skills from the very beginning. I used to draw little american dolls and then switched to barbie dolls. As a kid playing dress up and fashion designer games was my all time favorite. By the age of 16, I came to know a very talented illustrator named Brooke Hagel. Seeing her drawings motivated me to do something like "fashion illustrating".

Question#2: You've done an amazing job in realistic shadings. How do you create such shadings on your illustrations?Any tips for beginners?.

(Amena's Fashion Face Illustration)

Amena: Illustration isn't realism. I have my own style like every other illustrator has. You need to practice a lot.

Question#3: I know you're self taught but still i'd like to know did you had any schooling in fashion illustrating field?.

Amena: No, I haven't joined any fashion illustration course yet. In the future, yes, i might.

Question#4: As a fashion illustrator, one faces difficulty in showing different fabric mediums on clothes. How do you show denim, silk or velvet textures on your illustrations?.

                             (Amena Malik's shaded skirt ^)

Amena: Well, as I said, every illustrator has his/her own style and expression. Examining the fabric carefully helps a lot otherwise shading skills are necessary.

Question#5: On Average, how much time does it takes to complete one illustration?.

                  (Illustrative Sketch by Amena Malik)

Amena: Approximately an hour or two. Depends on the design basically^.

Question#6: What are the materials you use for illustrating?.

Amena: I use Faber Castell colored pencils, shading pencils, felt tip pens and watercolors sometimes. 

Question#7: Does quality of paper matters for sketching or drawing?Which paper you would recommend for illustrating?.

Amena: Well I think it totally depends on artists skills. Art of early age is even remarkable than modern art yet they had no paper. I use A4 scholar drawing sheet or generic sketchbook paper sometimes.

Question#8: How do you focus on illustrating if you lose your mojo?or get bored?.

Amena: I don't sketch when I'm not feeling like, that way I never get bored while sketching.

Question#9: What are your rates for selling per illustration?.

        (Amena Malik's Beautiful Gown Shading Technique)

Amena: Currently I'm not selling my illustrations. If I will, it would be for designers.

Question#10: For anyone starting their career as fashion illustrator what advice you would like to give?.

Firstly I would suggest of developing your own style and expression. Expression should be attractive. You can go for abstract or exaggeration. Expression depends upon one's way of perceiving designs and poses. One should be confident about his/her work. Never compare your work with others.

                           (Amena's Runway Illustration)

Thanks Amena for giving us peek into your fashion illustration world. It was pleasure learning about your amazing illustrations. You can check out Amena's more work here. So fellas, Hope you enjoyed today's featurette.


Get your work featured on my blog:

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Inspirations#4: "Photo Ideas Edition" !

Hey everyone i got good news :^. My PC screen went busted few days back, i've decided to blog using my cellphone x>.As my head is exploding with ideas, I can't wait to share them all. Today i will be sharing fun photo ideas and Diy's that you can try them out^.

#1 CardBoard Camera:

Ikea developed a camera made from
cardboard, it's called 'Knappa :>.


#2 Memory Jars:

Your trip to beach can be preserved
in a jar. Include your photo along
with seashells, sand and some
typo.Seal the jar.

Here are few more ideas^.
Trip to paris jar can include
some tickets and scraps.
And trip to forest includes  pines,
Butterfly and leaves.

Another version of beach memory jar includes fun mini pictures.When making memory jars you can
add all types of props/mementos that
remind you of your trip or event^.


#3 Add photos on door sides:

This is very cool way for displaying
your memories in your room.
You can add bits of patterns or typo as
well inbetween your pictures.


#4 Glass Stones Frame:

A pretty way to make use of glass baubles^. Another version of this
could be made by painting these


#5 Beautiful Photo Editing:

Mind blowing photo editing done
on these^. If you're much
familiar with the "Art of levitation"
in photography. Then to achieve these
flying people in editing won't
be such a problem to you.^


Here's another beautiful version
of the similar technique^.


#6 Fixing Contrast/Exposure:


99% of beauty of photo enhances
once the exposure and contrast
in your photo is fixed.


#7 Chalkboard Frame:

This project is cute for gifting it
to your friends^. Paint cardboard
of frame with chalk paint. Punch two
holes on cardboard on left and right side, hang your photos using mini
twigs. Now to have fun: 
write fun writings using
colored chalk. 


#8 Photo Table:


First you draw at your table, add fun
patterns, paint them. Add glitter on
finishing touches. Colors and
patterns can be chosen as desired.
I personally find this very cute nesting
idea if you're about to get married^).


(I don't own any of these pictures, 
i've lost links, kindly send me 
link to these if you have them i'll add happily)


I had fun sharing these^.
Next time i'll share : 
Table Decorations Edition

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Monday, October 13, 2014

I Wish....

From past few days i've been dreaming about a lot of things..that I will be doing after i'm done with my report(it's a pain I know^). I just can't wait till it's over and i'll be free :^. Today I like to share my three wishes which are:

#1 I wish I could learn to accept criticism even in negative way:

My biggest weakness, tends to be this that I can't accept those who tend to have
hatred towards me and my work. But i'm learning slowly how to not care and
respect even the negative reviews from my haters^. It is true, God has made every single person
different, with different thinking. Not everyone can agree with you on what you think is right 
or wrong.

#2 I wish I could become more organized:

It's true, I lose my pace at times, become unorganized but i'm gradually
eliminating all these bad habits in me especially the habit of "cluttering".
I'm a junk collector and love recycling :>. The thought of even throwing 
a piece of page seems like a not so good idea for me. If not decluttering
then I tend to atleast keep my clutter organized^.

#3 I wish I could stick to the list:

This one is a silly habit of mine.I make list and then don't follow it at all.
That's not such a good idea you know, when not following your list this could
lower down not only your productivity but also every possibility for you to
complete your goals.


Thanks for letting me share my thoughts on my wishes,
Until next time,
Take Care,



Friday, October 10, 2014

My New Cats^!

A few days ago I give ad on my instagram and facebook in search for European shorthair cat^. After I lost my cat mishu me 5 months ago, I immediately felt a need to have another cat for myself. I am a cat lady and cats are my weakness. I love them so much!.^ Especially european shorthairs, I find them the most adorable breed in cats. My friend decided to give me her two kittens and I was happy to take them. But the real problem incurred when I had to take care of them. Since they are indoor cats and I would like to keep them indoors, I don't want to lose them like I lost my cat mishu me by keeping them outdoor. I never knew that it would be so hard to manage them as they both are very naughty and annoying too at times. My room is a full studio, full of craft products, wires of printer, pc and dozens of chargers including of my two cellphones and digicam. Both these kittens keep on jumping around and chewing my important wires, scratching mattress, shedding to torns. And yes they pee too on my mattress although they are potty trained but I never knew having a dream to own indoor cats would get so nerve wrecking.

"No doubt they are adorable^"

Its hardly been a day since I have them, they grew so attached to me
already, but I feel, I can't handle them anymore. It was so hard for me to accept this,
because every time I looked at their innocent faces and i couldn't imagine
giving them away.


"That's my cat mishu me I lost her few months back.
My both new kitties remind me of her."

I already talked in detail about how dreadful it was
losing my cat here, along with my cat nips series.


"Bathed and powdered them. All pretty and 
cute both of them."

As much as hard it was for me to let go of  these,
I knew inside I can't take care of them,
with my growing business, studies, orders
and job. I decided to call back my friend and give these
back to someone who could take their responsibility.


"Both kitties enjoying milk"^

It's sad I can't have these kitties,
Buh i'm happy too, they will go to someone who can really
look after them.^


I might take some fun snaps with my kitties before they go,
because I really love them ^. If you went through a similar "cat tale"
experience ever then please share under comments here, I would like
to know i'm not alone in this^!


Thanks for letting me share my new kitties tale,
Until next time,
Take Care,



Wednesday, October 8, 2014

My Inspirations #3 "Mint Blue Edition"

This coming winter i'm totally in love with everything "Blue" , whether it's royal blue, electric blue or mint blue. It's such a refreshing color. I love it!. Here are my favorite mint blue collection of inspirations^:

#1 Envelope Clutch:

I absolutely love this clutch it's for journals and notebooks.
It has a place to hang your pencil on front x>. You can
buy this clutch from, if they still have it^.


#2  Snowflakes Puncher:

This snowflakes puncher from martha stewart is awesome,
You can punch these beautiful snowflakes on felt or paper, add glitter to them
and make fun ornaments from these adorables x>.


#3  Boxes With Labels:

This idea is from, I can't even finish my collection of inspirations
without adding anything from their site. Because every single thing elsie makes is soo
inspiring.^ She has great impact on my inspirations x>. This is absolutely cool idea she give
here to add labels to your photo storing boxes.


#4  Clay Pot Diy:

I love this follow up idea from
 above photo (as you can see this pot on right side in photo above).
This pot looks so damn adorable^by


And this is how she added cute patterns on her clay pot after wrapping it up
with clay^.


#5  A Quote To Ponder:

Competition is healthy as long as it won't turn into
obsession or jealousy. Just keep on working hard, creating
and spreading art. Those who keep checking others progress,
will go on just seeing everyone progress but themselves. 
A lesson learned from here is just focus on your work fellas^.


#6  BlueBerry Popsicle:

I'm crazy for everything which looks blue. I feel like
tasting it always. Blue looks so delicious and attractive^.
And before winters totally crave in. Don't let them go until you
try any of the blue icecream x>.


#7  Photo Stand:

I found this from very cool "craft projects" page on facebook.
It looks like fun way to twist and play with wire to make this cute photo frame^.


#8  Home Made Christmas Globe:

I remember making these in kindergarten^.
You glue christmas trees and cutesies on jar cap.
Then fill it up with shampoo, color or some oil.
And seal it tight with glue x>.
Ta-da perfect for christmas display i'd say^.


#9  Nicole Richie Blue Velvet Studded Top:

Did i told you i'm obsessed with nicole richie's style and fashion?^.
She is so pretty even after being mother to two kids. It's unbelievable.
She looks so young and keeps on growing more stylish with time.
I love her blue velvet top with studs. Let me tell you blue velvet will be totally "in",
in this coming winters you'll see;>.


#10  Stephen King Quote:

Lastly, i'd like to end my "mint blue" edition, with this
amazing quote by the King of horror stories himself- stephen king.
Big fan of all his books, movies and interviews. A post on him
definitely coming soon at my blog^.


I don't own any of these photos and if you own any of these images then
 kindly send me their links as i've lost them. I would happily add them here under these pictures.

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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Pretty Golden Bow Tie!

During past few days I was trying to gain back my stamina for whole "writing" thing, as i'm already writing non stop on my university report. It's becoming overwhelming to write anything else. But today I was recalling the time back when I was 17 years old (in '06). I newly started using internet. I found out this website called remember how much crazy I was about "writing" my daily life. Writing in my diaries, journals some fun incidents, using crazy vocab was my only passionate hobby. I would never get tired and kept on writing even till 2010, until early 2011, my passion started drying out!. I just lost that craze of keeping diary to note down my daily incidents. To me what felt more important to do was just to take pictures, make memories.and forget about the written excerpts.The only reason I would love to write, back then was to have a diary to look back at by the time i'll be 60 and laugh at how crazy I was (lol). This was my only purpose. This innocent passion just died somehow by 2011 when more materialistic reasons started to get involved with my passions. Now when I recall that time, I feel i would love to become like that again, fearless in terms of passion and my dreams.

I've decided to only blog and write for sharing my ideas, my thoughts and lovely hand made things that I make^. I want to be honest to my new readers and everyone who will read my blog eventually, so i'm going to start sharing my personal fun incidents, moments along with some crazy things that i've noted down in my teenager diary :>. I just want to enjoy my writing process while blogging as much as you'll enjoy reading it^.

Last time I shared golden hair bow,
today i'll share my golden bow tie and how I took it's pictures^.
You can purchase this golden bow tie from right here.


I love gold, so decided to make golden fabric bow tie.^
It was fun, just like any fabric bow I had to stitch it using
sewing machine.


For picturing it, my whole idea was to give a vintage a look 
for presenting this bowtie. So i added photo effects using
And hung up that vintage frame next to it.^


I further added white stars on my photo, starting from
top left side corner till bottom. I wanted it to look like
as if they are falling downwards like snow ;>.I love stars by the 


My final bowtie appears like this ^.
Gorgeous aint it?;>. You like my photo editing here?.
You can check out tips on posing and portraits  for this photo which
i have given and for more tips check out
photo ideas right here.


I'm sharing bit by bit but making sure that I am also enjoying the writing process
while blogging ;>.
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Thanks for letting me share my thoughts and ideas,
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