Sunday, October 19, 2014

Inspirations#4: "Photo Ideas Edition" !

Hey everyone i got good news :^. My PC screen went busted few days back, i've decided to blog using my cellphone x>.As my head is exploding with ideas, I can't wait to share them all. Today i will be sharing fun photo ideas and Diy's that you can try them out^.

#1 CardBoard Camera:

Ikea developed a camera made from
cardboard, it's called 'Knappa :>.


#2 Memory Jars:

Your trip to beach can be preserved
in a jar. Include your photo along
with seashells, sand and some
typo.Seal the jar.

Here are few more ideas^.
Trip to paris jar can include
some tickets and scraps.
And trip to forest includes  pines,
Butterfly and leaves.

Another version of beach memory jar includes fun mini pictures.When making memory jars you can
add all types of props/mementos that
remind you of your trip or event^.


#3 Add photos on door sides:

This is very cool way for displaying
your memories in your room.
You can add bits of patterns or typo as
well inbetween your pictures.


#4 Glass Stones Frame:

A pretty way to make use of glass baubles^. Another version of this
could be made by painting these


#5 Beautiful Photo Editing:

Mind blowing photo editing done
on these^. If you're much
familiar with the "Art of levitation"
in photography. Then to achieve these
flying people in editing won't
be such a problem to you.^


Here's another beautiful version
of the similar technique^.


#6 Fixing Contrast/Exposure:


99% of beauty of photo enhances
once the exposure and contrast
in your photo is fixed.


#7 Chalkboard Frame:

This project is cute for gifting it
to your friends^. Paint cardboard
of frame with chalk paint. Punch two
holes on cardboard on left and right side, hang your photos using mini
twigs. Now to have fun: 
write fun writings using
colored chalk. 


#8 Photo Table:


First you draw at your table, add fun
patterns, paint them. Add glitter on
finishing touches. Colors and
patterns can be chosen as desired.
I personally find this very cute nesting
idea if you're about to get married^).


(I don't own any of these pictures, 
i've lost links, kindly send me 
link to these if you have them i'll add happily)


I had fun sharing these^.
Next time i'll share : 
Table Decorations Edition

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