Monday, October 13, 2014

I Wish....

From past few days i've been dreaming about a lot of things..that I will be doing after i'm done with my report(it's a pain I know^). I just can't wait till it's over and i'll be free :^. Today I like to share my three wishes which are:

#1 I wish I could learn to accept criticism even in negative way:

My biggest weakness, tends to be this that I can't accept those who tend to have
hatred towards me and my work. But i'm learning slowly how to not care and
respect even the negative reviews from my haters^. It is true, God has made every single person
different, with different thinking. Not everyone can agree with you on what you think is right 
or wrong.

#2 I wish I could become more organized:

It's true, I lose my pace at times, become unorganized but i'm gradually
eliminating all these bad habits in me especially the habit of "cluttering".
I'm a junk collector and love recycling :>. The thought of even throwing 
a piece of page seems like a not so good idea for me. If not decluttering
then I tend to atleast keep my clutter organized^.

#3 I wish I could stick to the list:

This one is a silly habit of mine.I make list and then don't follow it at all.
That's not such a good idea you know, when not following your list this could
lower down not only your productivity but also every possibility for you to
complete your goals.


Thanks for letting me share my thoughts on my wishes,
Until next time,
Take Care,



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