Wednesday, October 8, 2014

My Inspirations #3 "Mint Blue Edition"

This coming winter i'm totally in love with everything "Blue" , whether it's royal blue, electric blue or mint blue. It's such a refreshing color. I love it!. Here are my favorite mint blue collection of inspirations^:

#1 Envelope Clutch:

I absolutely love this clutch it's for journals and notebooks.
It has a place to hang your pencil on front x>. You can
buy this clutch from, if they still have it^.


#2  Snowflakes Puncher:

This snowflakes puncher from martha stewart is awesome,
You can punch these beautiful snowflakes on felt or paper, add glitter to them
and make fun ornaments from these adorables x>.


#3  Boxes With Labels:

This idea is from, I can't even finish my collection of inspirations
without adding anything from their site. Because every single thing elsie makes is soo
inspiring.^ She has great impact on my inspirations x>. This is absolutely cool idea she give
here to add labels to your photo storing boxes.


#4  Clay Pot Diy:

I love this follow up idea from
 above photo (as you can see this pot on right side in photo above).
This pot looks so damn adorable^by


And this is how she added cute patterns on her clay pot after wrapping it up
with clay^.


#5  A Quote To Ponder:

Competition is healthy as long as it won't turn into
obsession or jealousy. Just keep on working hard, creating
and spreading art. Those who keep checking others progress,
will go on just seeing everyone progress but themselves. 
A lesson learned from here is just focus on your work fellas^.


#6  BlueBerry Popsicle:

I'm crazy for everything which looks blue. I feel like
tasting it always. Blue looks so delicious and attractive^.
And before winters totally crave in. Don't let them go until you
try any of the blue icecream x>.


#7  Photo Stand:

I found this from very cool "craft projects" page on facebook.
It looks like fun way to twist and play with wire to make this cute photo frame^.


#8  Home Made Christmas Globe:

I remember making these in kindergarten^.
You glue christmas trees and cutesies on jar cap.
Then fill it up with shampoo, color or some oil.
And seal it tight with glue x>.
Ta-da perfect for christmas display i'd say^.


#9  Nicole Richie Blue Velvet Studded Top:

Did i told you i'm obsessed with nicole richie's style and fashion?^.
She is so pretty even after being mother to two kids. It's unbelievable.
She looks so young and keeps on growing more stylish with time.
I love her blue velvet top with studs. Let me tell you blue velvet will be totally "in",
in this coming winters you'll see;>.


#10  Stephen King Quote:

Lastly, i'd like to end my "mint blue" edition, with this
amazing quote by the King of horror stories himself- stephen king.
Big fan of all his books, movies and interviews. A post on him
definitely coming soon at my blog^.


I don't own any of these photos and if you own any of these images then
 kindly send me their links as i've lost them. I would happily add them here under these pictures.

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