Sunday, August 24, 2014

My New Art Work!

Did I told you I love painting on new different mediums?^. Whether it's canvas, art card, wood, glass or even cardboard (yes x>). I'm so in love with painting on cardboard these days^. It's very much fun & my art work looks so cute on completion x>. I want to show you my two new artwork pieces that i just completed last night:

Angry bear & camera they both look super cute.
Can be hung on wall, used in photo booth or
even scrapbooks x> You can purchase both of my artworks from here.


For making this i had to cut out cardboard using very sharp blade,
It was not easy to be honest,
But perhaps was the most difficult part of making it.

I decided to show you in a separate picture because gravely 
my camera on flash quality sucks sorry x>. 
But the original bear 
color is dark brown as you can see.


And my camera x>, I decided to go with mint green & pink^.

I had a lot of fun making these two x> but guess what? i'm working on my 3rd cardboard artwork now ^, which i will reveal soon IA. By the way, after completion of each artwork, the feeling i get is hard to explain it's more than just satisfying x>. Don't think i'm running out of ideas yet, because kids i'm just getting started here ;>. 

Wait till you see my upcoming posts,
I will be posting everyday,
So make sure you check my blog daily x>,
Until next time,
Take Care,



Saturday, August 23, 2014

Golden Heart Clutch GiveAway Winner Announced!

Sometime ago, during process of my summer collection 2014, i started a giveaway contest. Which included to comment under my video(You can find it here), your favorite piece from my summer collection 2014. And the best answer was to receive my hand made golden heart clutch x>(yeah it was that easy). I know I got lazy to announce it earlier, but finally i took time & decided to share this anyway x>.By the way thanks for those who participated.

Today i will be announcing the winner. The winner is: dania basit x>. Congratz.

It's on it's way to you x>, here is what dania wrote:

"Starting it off its actually really hard to pick just one of my favourites there is like more than one product i like but as per said above i would go with the cat nips series plus an addition to that i would also go with the golden velvet turban and why because the cat nips series has something really unique which is that adorable cats face and everything in it .. the eyes are attractive and that just makes it make me love the thing and the golden velvet turban is really trendy you could style it in anywhere you want too and the golden colour itself would go with alot of colours and would give a different unique look to you outfit apart from others i can't select more things *sigh* but these two are my fav!"
(You can read dania's comment here)

Thank you for taking time to write all this for my products dania x>.
I will be doing another giveaway soon IA,
 Those who did not get a chance to participate in this one x>,
Can always participate in upcoming giveaway,
So stay put ^.
Until next time,
Take Care,



Friday, August 22, 2014

And Death Came

One of the healthiest ways to express your emotions and thoughts is to put them in conceptual photo shots. I get a lot of visions, dreams from time to time, which do not seem to be that "bright" but often include very scary, macabre visuals. As an artist it is very important to not only focus on "positive" ideas, but also "negative" emotions which tend to get stuck inside us and fathom poisonous results in the end. What i am about to reveal is the "depth" part of me, which i only express through psychedelic photographs^. Now i don't own a "Fancy" professional camera nor have much knowledge about "professional" photo editing. But i sure do know basics of adobe & can manage to put out exactly the kind of concepts i have in my head. This is again very important!. When you are an artist of any kind, it does not matter whether you have less or more skills, what matters the most is how well you can express those ideas in your mind in a visual form even when you have limited knowledge/materials. And that's the beauty of being an amazing artist.

Today i will tell you how i edited my conceptual art photos & share story behind each of them.

#1 "And She Never Sleeps":

I wanted to do a shot portraying anxiety problems, 
this one is very close to my psyche which only the artist
can understand ^.

How I edited Back ground picture?^

For this shot, i found a horror looking photo randomly from google images,
And used it as background on first layer.^ Now the moon & graves you see in the background picture
(showing from window) were added using picmonkey,  This site has awesome collections of stamps that you can use in your pictures.


How I edited my layer#2 Picture ?^

It was easy, first i took a photo of myself on self timer, 
I already had the concept & final outcome of picture in my head,
So it was easy for me to know what type of pose i really wanted.

As you can see the picture was taken in my room 
& was nothing special about it^lol


Next I added some effects using picmonkey, 
changed my lip & eye color. Using magic tool brush at adobe photoshop,
I simply removed the eecky background & separated it from my main photo.
Next, i saved my photo to .png format & added it to my main "scary" background.

There it is my conceptual photo is ready x>.
I like to add some writings with my photo too which defines
what i'm trying to express in them.You should add some writings too with your art.
When your words are required with visuals, 
but you don't add them along, 
then your art becomes meaningless. Read below for my words:

"There's a feeling I get when I look to the West,
And my spirit is crying for leaving...
In my thoughts I have seen rings of smoke through the TREES,..
And the voices of those who stand looking..."

(Excerpt taken from "Stairway To Heaven" by led zeppelin)

#2 "The Kill":

For my next photo I am not trying to portray i'm "Dying" or anything,
But there is a very strong message behind my this concept.

The original photo looked like this^.
I took it on self timer, added blood stains using picmonkey.
I used vampire effect again using picmonkey,
& then blended the unwanted background behind me using "smudge" tool,
in adobe photoshop.
Simple x>

The concept is again very close to my psyche,
It tells a story going on in my head about everyone's conscience.
Some people might say i'm trying to portray myself "dead" here,
but that's just a hasty judgement of my portrayal.
A message is deep,
It's about how we as people sell our souls,
& become slaves to money, fame & later regret on our decision.
It's about death of our own conscience.

"What if I wanted to break?,
Laugh it all off on your face,
What would you do?...

What if I fell to the floor,
Couldn't take all this anymore..
What would you do?,....

Come break me down,
Bury me, Bury me,..
I am finished with you......"

(Excerpt taken from "The Kill" by 30 Seconds To Mars


So this is how I express myself in visual & words. Hope you'll learn to try to express your negative emotions like anger, sadness, depression, pain in such healthy way too!.It's always best to get these feelings out & not bottle them in you. If there's a will, there's a way x>.

Thanks for letting me share my conceptual art experience^,
I will be sharing more photo concepts IA,
Until Next time,
Take Care,



Thursday, August 21, 2014

Wool Ball Hair Band!

When you're an artist of any kind. Whether you're a designer, singer , actor or even model, you & your work will always be criticized. Normally people who are jealous from you tend to give you advices to change your style and take out faults in your work. It's really hard for any artist to accept this, as we tend to be very emotional, sensitive in our work matter. Especially me, I create things from my heart. If i won't feel from my heart while making something then i won't even make it!. I get messages from random people inboxing me on facebook that they have problem with my hairs, my make up, crazy things I create, but what they really find hard to accept is the fact that no matter what they will say "I can't change myself just to make all these people happy". I know now exactly how these celebrities feel, because I have to deal with all these so much hurtful comments, criticism every single day. So it's my request everyone, do not use harsh words and criticism for anyone. Appreciate art, work of everyone whether it's good or bad. Just be in shoes of an artist for a moment yourself and think, if the same harsh words coming out of your mouth for someone's work is used for your creations then how will it feel to you?.Of course you will not tolerate, no one does.

I really felt obliged stating above few lines for starters, so hope everyone will understand the love for an artist's work. Now for the good news, I will be doing two posts today, since yesterday i did not posted anything i know x>(Double Penalty-spare me lol). Today I am going to share my inspiration and experience making this wool ball hair band.

I love making unique crazy accessories that can define you from a
crowd in a distance. Like this wool ball yarn wrapped hair band.

I saw an illustration by elsie larson wearing a wool ball like accessory on head,
It popped to me, why not make wool ball head wear?;>

That's bratz doll, a thrift find ^ perfect for displaying my head wear! 

Process of making this wool ball hair band was a toughie,
first i wrapped the hair band base with hot pink yarn,
then i made newspaper ball, wrapped it with yellow & hot pink yarn,
Stitched it with my hair band base.
Wool ball hair band was ready ^^.
Whole process took me 3-4 days for making this wool ball hair band!

And by the way for my makeup inspiration x>,
I took it from this photo for my wool ball shots ^!


This wool ball hair band got sold out at my stall, It was one of the best feelings ever x>. Honestly, i did not expected this to happen but it shows, apart from haters, there are people in this world who love and appreciate my accessories that i create irrespective of how crazy they might look. It's just the beauty of it, an ordinary person won't ever understand.

Hope you'll learn something from all this,
And keep creating unique things,
Irrespective of the fact,
What others might tell you to do,
Don't let anyone's views bother you^,
Until next time,
Take Care,



Tuesday, August 19, 2014

My Cat Tale And Cat Nips!

Process of recalling my pet cat "Mishu Me" is as painful as i've ever been through. Someone who has lost his/her pet can only relate and understand what it feels like. I love cats, safe to say i'm a "Crazy Cat Lady". My guilty pleasure are cats, i can not resist them they are absolutely so cute especially European Shorthair Breed. Not easy writing & recalling my happy moments with mishu me :,>, as she became more than just pet to me during those 7 months. She always accompanied me in almost all my shoots & conceptual shots i took. She was also face of my "Cat Nips Series" and a little fighter like me. Today i'll share my pet cat experience with you all, will give you tips on grooming your cat & how to treat cat diseases. 

Cute & snuggly ,like a cushion one word"adorable".
She was my friend in loneliness and a cheerer whenever i'd be down.

I found mishu me abandoned & straying in my street all alone of hardly 2 months back in november 2013. I adopted her instantly.When i first found her she was so tiny, cute & wild. She would scratch & bite me, attack me from time to time. I had to wear long sleeve always because she was so wild lol. But with time she learned how to be sweet & loving towards me.

2 months old Mishu me looking at me as i held her.

When she was little I would play with her lots and do crazy things, 
like here i put her in aquarium bowl for fun shot lol xD

At start I would only feed her milk in feeder &^ 
eventually started feeding her cat biscuits with meat.
Notice how she is trying to grab her feeder in above picture lol.

Mishu me was a wild stray cat & she was not trained to poop in her waste. It was very difficult & when she grew more older i eventually had to shift her to my roof. Now that's when REAL problems started. These are some issues that i had to face which your cat can face too and this is how I dealt with them:

#1 Stomach Worms:

She ended up in stomach worms twice, they would show at her back side, worm eggs would be hanging on her hairs which are very dangerous as they can even get inside your skin through your nails.

How she got them?

 I fed her boiled meat which must be having worm eggs inside. When i come to know main cause is this "boiled meat", i stopped feeding her instantly & replaced it by chicken meat. Worm eggs can even survive after being cooked for 3 hours. Once they get eaten by you, chances are they will hatch & start breeding inside stomach.


I took her to vet for deworming medicine and antibiotic injection. But no good, for best treatment, i fed my cat, children's medicine for stomach worms through empty syringe & within 2 days her worms were gone and she started eating healthy again. For that I had to lock my cat in laundry & feed by grabbing her because otherwise she would have run away & not let me feed.

#2 Warble Worm:

Now this worm is far more even dangerous than stomach worm. If your cat gets wounded, chances are a bot fly will lay an egg in that wound. That egg hatches into worm, which starts eating flesh from inside bit by bit and makes a hole in that area revealing insides of body(yikes i know). Now here is something you SHOULD NOT DO: Do not identify a dandruff scratch hole with warble hole. I mistakenly identified dandruff wound as warble hole and sprayed flea spray on it in hopes the worm will die inside, instead my cat caught skin allergic reaction & a dandruff patch appeared on that area like huge.


For warble worm, add antibiotic cream, vaseline on that wound bandage it up. Next day open up bandage, you'll see the worm trying to come out from hole to breathe(since the vaseline suffocates the worm), you grab tweezer & pull the worm out but make sure you don't burst the worm accidently as the pus can cause infection in the wound. After you take the worm out, the wound hole will start healing itself. Now for the dandruff hole or dandruff patch, use antibiotic cream but do not cover it up. Within few days the dandruff patch will heal.

Other problems:

One day my cat ran away all day when she came back at night time, her right cheek was swelled up. Do not worry about it, it's called a "cat bite". During some fight if another cat bites cheek, the cheek swells. All i did was just fed my cat a lot of fresh chicken meat & food. Within 24 hours the swelling was gone. Do not puncture the swelled up cheek yourself as it might have infectious pus that can make your cat ill.


Mishu me was always accompanying me in my shoots^, 
here she is with me in my "diary of jane" shots.

Mishu me became important part of my promos at my facebook page x>
from time to time.


In 2014, Ideas started popping in my head, 
it occurred to me why not make mishu me face of my products?^.

I took her pictures , edited them and converted them into greeting cards for my stall. 
I called my these series "Cat Nips". To my surprise all these sold out instantly.

Next I made a mini totes bag out of her face, 
with a velvet bow brooch along,
Aint she so cute?^.


Me & mishu celebrated together success of "Cat Nips" series,
And said thank you's to all who bought her products x>


Then in may 2014, the worse happens. I was away for two day trip to Kamrah. When I came back, Mishu was gone from roof. Was no where to be found. I felt so sad and worried for days thinking that God knows where she must be in what condition. I remember everyday during Ramazan she would come from main gate straight upstairs in my room, wait for me to wake up lying on chair. I would wake up by 7am, come into my room, would be shocked to find her waiting for me sitting on my chair :,). The day she was gone, i missed this so badly because i knew now i'll come in my room in morning nobody will be waiting on my chair for me. Some of my friends said "She might return back after a year or so", others said "She must be dead and got into some accident". Whatever happened to her, i know this I really went through hard time accepting to lose my favorite & close pet friend. It's sad I was thinking to get her cute name tag collar & save money from selling her cat nips series and get her groomed. But now none of this will happen.

I wanted to make so many more products of her, but after losing her, i stopped because it only reminded me of mishu me. But now I've couraged up & start back on cat nips series again. I really want people to wear her products, look cute, that will make me feel happy knowing this that people love mishu me still ^.

Sharing all this was very hard for me,
Because losing a pet & living without her is not easy,
Hope you could take some help and relate to this,
If you have gone through same experience,
You can share,
I would love to know,

Until next time,
Take care,



Monday, August 18, 2014

Velvet Turban And My Inspiration !

I got late today in posting my major entry x>so sorry for making you wait, currently i'm working on series of new art work & painting products, which is consuming most of my time these days. I'm going to work on few posts ahead today IA x>. Being a fashion accessories designer its safe to say, Velvet is my favorite fabric material. I love how soft it is, can be stitched into 100 of different accessories & decor items. Anyway, today I really wanted to show you my velvet turbans & inspiration behind their snapshots^). I hand stitched these velvet turbans myself & they are on sale at my facebook page x>.

I love doing fun shots of representing my products from time to time 
& most importantly i like giving credit 
to the person who inspires me to do so ^). This fun shot came out really cute i guess^?
My inspiration for this shot is below:

Rachel from Red Velvet Art really looks amazing here^,
Using fun objects in unique way really make your shots "lively"!

My makeup was done, inspired by Marilyn Monroe x>,
Of Course it's obvious because of her signature "Mole" i used on my upper lip.
I wanted to have a vintage vibe to my whole look so I did so ^.

I decided to make a golden velvet turban as well. Which is as cute as green one.
My velvet turbans can be accessorized with both formal/informal dressing,
Whether it's a party you going to, or you just want to have fun dressing up like a hipster, 
that's up to you. Personally i feel any girl would look really pretty wearing velvet x>.

& by the way I made a purple turban as well which i gifted to my friend on her birthday x>,
I might take some snap shots with us both wearing turbans ;>.
So was it difficult to make these velvet turbans?.YES! it was, since velvet fabric tends to slip as you try stitching it & if you're not a professional at stitching it can become quite nerve wrecking too.

Thanks for letting me share my velvet turbans & my experience in making them ^.
Hope you enjoyed^,
Until next time,
Take care,



Sunday, August 17, 2014

Vintage Finds Volume#1

Apart from looking "Cute" & being a fashion accessories designer, one of my Obsessions also include of collecting Vintage things, thrifting & adding vintage vibe to my creations x>. I absolutely am obsessed by '70's, '80's & '90's era. I love everything about the originality these eras provided in terms of art, rock & roll music, fashion sense & diversified range of movies.Today i'll share some fun vintage props which i own myself & how you can utilize them in Photography & other ideas?^).

My grandma (Nano) owns some of the most amazing Vintage Collection I've ever seen x>
I decided to do something about these treasures^.

Vintage Radio & Camera Display : 
Present your cute products using vintage accessories, as you can see i have 
displayed my birdies in a fun way.
(You can buy these cute birdies from here, inbox me at my page)

By the way, for this lovely idea, i took inspiration from this picture I came across below:

I saw this photo from red velvet art vintage shop, Elsie & Emma did an amazing job adding birdies on their 
Vintage display x> How cute is that eh?

So apart from using Vintage camera for fun display, where else can you use it?^

Just like amazing Islamabad based Photographer Waliya Najib, carry a vintage camera for fun in your photographs, using it as photo prop can add a very sensual vintage sort of aura to your pictures^. 
Another Vintage Find: 

I found this so cute Mama Bear spoon holder from thrift shop x>,
this spoon holder is very handy, while you're cooking, you can keep your oily spoons in this holder rather than placing here & there on vanity x>! & plus the certain Vintage look it gives is amazing, it reminds me of "Goldilocks & three bears" story x>! *Cute*!

Thanks for letting me share this mini fun post with you all,
Hope you'll try my ideas,
I will be posting different volumes of my hunt for "Vintage Finds" bit by bit,
Until next finds ;>,
Take Care,



Saturday, August 16, 2014

Minnie Mouse Bow Head Wear^!

One of my favorite parts about being a fashion accessories designer is this that i get to have freedom to create, enjoy whatever inspires me alot^. I'm the type of chic who's head is full of secrets of designing. When i look at some product, I instantly manage to imagine that how it might have been constructed, elements of engineering & mechanism are in me from my dad's side i guess x>. My favorite products tend to be those which are bigger or smaller in size to what usually people perceive to as "normal". I love making extremely big or extremely tiny miniature products. 

Minnie mouse always inspired me since was a kid, so i decided to make one accessory under her stamp ^. 

My minnie mouse head wear is made from very fine hot pink silk, attached carefully to comfortable headband, made with same silk medium. Fun part is,  you can easily stand out in crowd while wearing this fun accessory on your head. 

(lost link to this send me kindly)

I came across this chic wearing giant bow, i decided to make my own version of it, since i wanted the bow to stand out & not just lay flat on head.

& since i already had a vision in my head for how i want my final bow to look like i.e minnie mouse inspired, it was easier for me to construct my giant bow^.

I'm quite happy with the way my final Minnie Mouse Bow looks like^, perfect application for this would be at some halloween party or if you wanna just dress up fun for photo booth say?;>. Or you can cosplay crazy wearing this too, x> Up to you girls have fun being creative ^^. If you like this?^, you can place order for your own minnie mouse bow at my page, just inbox me details here (link).  I wore two color lipstick for my this product shots just for fun (red & pink) & do make sure while trying this, you don't smudge your lips or else both colors will merge ;>.

Thanks for letting me share my Minnie Mouse Bow Head wear,^
I'll see you tomorrow again with another fun post,
Till then take care,



Friday, August 15, 2014

Featured Artist#1: Stm Nail Art^!

I'm starting new category on my blog which will be for new emerging talented artists all over the world x>, every week i shall be a featuring new talent under "Featured Artist" category here at my blog, for those who are interested in being featured at my blog, kindly inbox me on my page here, with your page/site link & best work x>.
Today on Featured Artist, I have a special guest who does amazing nailart starting from colorful unique designs to realistic sketch paintings on nails (That's true Yes)^. Stm nail art offers you nail art ranging from variety of designs that you can chose & also place order for.

Original concept by stm of painting portrait faces on nails.

am much excited to feature stm art at my blog for the very first time x>,
So here is her story & your questions answered about her ^^:

Question#1: Hope you doing great Stm on this very sunny day, Tell us since how long you've been working as nail art designer & how it all started?^.

Stm: Yes, I'm doing good thanks for having me here :>, I started nail art in 2007 when i was in Grade 8th, due to strict rules of my APS school we were asked to cut our nails short and keep them clean. But since i was naughty, i started applying nail polish on my nails & during my boring classes i was mostly lost day dreaming to make nailart designs.

Beautiful Calligraphy done on nails by stm

Question# 2: What is your inspiration behind all the pretty nailart u make?^.
Stm: At start i used to make dots and lines on my nails since it was easy to make with nail polish brush. Later on, i started making flowers and abstract designs. First four years, i spent designing everything with nail polish brush. I was unaware of other nail art accessories because i never used internet at that time. My Inspirations all began with my own thoughts and ideas.

Stm amazes everyone with painting/sketching her own face 
portrait on nail using nail polish.
Question#3: Originally u came up with portrait face nail art, how you came up with such an intriguing idea & was it difficult to paint on something as small as nail?^.

Stm: Yes, it was difficult to paint my own face but at that time, i was only thinking to do something creative on my nail that no one has ever done before. That day i remember, it took me 3 hours to paint a single nail portrait.

           Stm's nail polish collection^
Question#4: What nail polish brands & materials you would recommend to nail art lovers?^.

Stm: I personally would recommend OPI ,Ciate, Revlon, Channel, Diana of london, Sweet touch and Color show because they give the best result on nails. But i have also tried many other nail polishes such as CR and i loved it due to its fragrance, Rivaj also comes in huge variety of fashion colors. Nail gels can also give a beautiful look to your nails and one special thing i would like to recommend to nail art lovers is Essence Quick Dry Drops which helps in drying the nail color within seconds .

Graffiti Inspired Nail Art by stm^.

Question#5: According to you what's the hottest trend in nail art these days?^.

Stm: The Fall 2014 season brought back the understated manicure, pleasant subdued tones consisting mostly of reds, grays, nudes and metallics that added a chic and sophisticated sleekness to each design.

Politician's faces sketched on nails using nail polish^ by stm.

Question#6: Where you see stm nailart standing in next 5 years?^.

Stm: As I am observing the craze of nail art in girls stm nail art will become much popular and loved in the upcoming 5 years IA.

Question#7: What advice you would like to give to girls who have just started out in their nailart career?^.

Stm: My advice for nail art beginners would be to keep creating their nailart as we all know how much popular it is in foreign countries & soon it will attain same popularity in Pakistan too. You'll have to work hard in every field whether you choose to be an artist in media or a nail art designer. Even i would like to give out an idea to our senior teachers and staff to somehow set up proper classes for nail art & to convert it to a subject in field of art and designing.

Thank you Stm for letting me feature your nail art & brief interview at my blog x>. Well people you can check out stm's facebook page your self here (link). Go say hello to her ^) & enjoy her amazing nail art.


Thursday, August 14, 2014

Photo Fun At F9 Park ^!

If you ever visit Islamabad, & need some place to go for photography shots, best place i'll recommend you will be F9 park x>. It consists of alot of trees , fun statues & most importantly it is huge in size. Every corner of this place is full of nature & forests^^. It was my photography final exam, that me & my friend decided to go there for fun shots x>. First thing I would recommend you, would be to carry water bottle, wear comfy shoes & take some big hat with you along, as this park is huge & requires a lot of walking not cool in bright sunlight eh?^. 
Anyway, so here we go taking snaps, my friend clicked some lovely shots of mine which i converted into some fun photo ideas:

#1 Use Your Pictures For Sneak Peeks Of your Projects:

If you're an art freak like i am x>, you can add fun writings on your snap,
I love adding my upcoming projects on my best snaps in a fun quirky scattered way. You can also add scribbles on your pictures if you want^.


Now as you can see before the picture was empty,
 buh adding writings added more fun & curiosity to it's aura.^

#2 Pose Like A Model:

I only like modeling part time for fun, but don't want to make it my full time career^.
Just an idea here you can do some modeling poses to make your own fun portfolio x>.

& this one is edited by my co-worker & friend dania x>, she added vintage effect & frame to my photo for this. 

#3 Add Fun Stars To Your Photo:

I wanted to see orange & purple going together, you can make your own fun combinations & add stars on your picture to just spice it up.

Onething important to note here is, make sure your picture is dull in colours compared to stars you'll add, that way your bright color stars will pop x>.♥

#4 Add Snow Effect To Your Photos:

As you can see i was at F9 park on a very bright sunny day, adding snow effect can work out so cool for your bright sunny pictures. You can add snow effect using picmonkey free online photo editor.

#5 Give Tribute To Your Inspiration:

"You know it's mexico when it's shown in yellow" ~breaking bad~

This can be alot of fun, pick your inspiration & edit according to one of it's elements. I increased yellow in my photo above to make it look like mexico as found in breaking bad x>. Whatever inspiration you may have just make sure some element of it matches with your photo.

All photos in this post edited using free photo editor:

Thanks for letting me share some fun photo ideas,^ hope you'll try them would like to hear back from you.

Till then take care,