Thursday, August 21, 2014

Wool Ball Hair Band!

When you're an artist of any kind. Whether you're a designer, singer , actor or even model, you & your work will always be criticized. Normally people who are jealous from you tend to give you advices to change your style and take out faults in your work. It's really hard for any artist to accept this, as we tend to be very emotional, sensitive in our work matter. Especially me, I create things from my heart. If i won't feel from my heart while making something then i won't even make it!. I get messages from random people inboxing me on facebook that they have problem with my hairs, my make up, crazy things I create, but what they really find hard to accept is the fact that no matter what they will say "I can't change myself just to make all these people happy". I know now exactly how these celebrities feel, because I have to deal with all these so much hurtful comments, criticism every single day. So it's my request everyone, do not use harsh words and criticism for anyone. Appreciate art, work of everyone whether it's good or bad. Just be in shoes of an artist for a moment yourself and think, if the same harsh words coming out of your mouth for someone's work is used for your creations then how will it feel to you?.Of course you will not tolerate, no one does.

I really felt obliged stating above few lines for starters, so hope everyone will understand the love for an artist's work. Now for the good news, I will be doing two posts today, since yesterday i did not posted anything i know x>(Double Penalty-spare me lol). Today I am going to share my inspiration and experience making this wool ball hair band.

I love making unique crazy accessories that can define you from a
crowd in a distance. Like this wool ball yarn wrapped hair band.

I saw an illustration by elsie larson wearing a wool ball like accessory on head,
It popped to me, why not make wool ball head wear?;>

That's bratz doll, a thrift find ^ perfect for displaying my head wear! 

Process of making this wool ball hair band was a toughie,
first i wrapped the hair band base with hot pink yarn,
then i made newspaper ball, wrapped it with yellow & hot pink yarn,
Stitched it with my hair band base.
Wool ball hair band was ready ^^.
Whole process took me 3-4 days for making this wool ball hair band!

And by the way for my makeup inspiration x>,
I took it from this photo for my wool ball shots ^!


This wool ball hair band got sold out at my stall, It was one of the best feelings ever x>. Honestly, i did not expected this to happen but it shows, apart from haters, there are people in this world who love and appreciate my accessories that i create irrespective of how crazy they might look. It's just the beauty of it, an ordinary person won't ever understand.

Hope you'll learn something from all this,
And keep creating unique things,
Irrespective of the fact,
What others might tell you to do,
Don't let anyone's views bother you^,
Until next time,
Take Care,



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