Tuesday, August 19, 2014

My Cat Tale And Cat Nips!

Process of recalling my pet cat "Mishu Me" is as painful as i've ever been through. Someone who has lost his/her pet can only relate and understand what it feels like. I love cats, safe to say i'm a "Crazy Cat Lady". My guilty pleasure are cats, i can not resist them they are absolutely so cute especially European Shorthair Breed. Not easy writing & recalling my happy moments with mishu me :,>, as she became more than just pet to me during those 7 months. She always accompanied me in almost all my shoots & conceptual shots i took. She was also face of my "Cat Nips Series" and a little fighter like me. Today i'll share my pet cat experience with you all, will give you tips on grooming your cat & how to treat cat diseases. 

Cute & snuggly ,like a cushion one word"adorable".
She was my friend in loneliness and a cheerer whenever i'd be down.

I found mishu me abandoned & straying in my street all alone of hardly 2 months back in november 2013. I adopted her instantly.When i first found her she was so tiny, cute & wild. She would scratch & bite me, attack me from time to time. I had to wear long sleeve always because she was so wild lol. But with time she learned how to be sweet & loving towards me.

2 months old Mishu me looking at me as i held her.

When she was little I would play with her lots and do crazy things, 
like here i put her in aquarium bowl for fun shot lol xD

At start I would only feed her milk in feeder &^ 
eventually started feeding her cat biscuits with meat.
Notice how she is trying to grab her feeder in above picture lol.

Mishu me was a wild stray cat & she was not trained to poop in her waste. It was very difficult & when she grew more older i eventually had to shift her to my roof. Now that's when REAL problems started. These are some issues that i had to face which your cat can face too and this is how I dealt with them:

#1 Stomach Worms:

She ended up in stomach worms twice, they would show at her back side, worm eggs would be hanging on her hairs which are very dangerous as they can even get inside your skin through your nails.

How she got them?

 I fed her boiled meat which must be having worm eggs inside. When i come to know main cause is this "boiled meat", i stopped feeding her instantly & replaced it by chicken meat. Worm eggs can even survive after being cooked for 3 hours. Once they get eaten by you, chances are they will hatch & start breeding inside stomach.


I took her to vet for deworming medicine and antibiotic injection. But no good, for best treatment, i fed my cat, children's medicine for stomach worms through empty syringe & within 2 days her worms were gone and she started eating healthy again. For that I had to lock my cat in laundry & feed by grabbing her because otherwise she would have run away & not let me feed.

#2 Warble Worm:

Now this worm is far more even dangerous than stomach worm. If your cat gets wounded, chances are a bot fly will lay an egg in that wound. That egg hatches into worm, which starts eating flesh from inside bit by bit and makes a hole in that area revealing insides of body(yikes i know). Now here is something you SHOULD NOT DO: Do not identify a dandruff scratch hole with warble hole. I mistakenly identified dandruff wound as warble hole and sprayed flea spray on it in hopes the worm will die inside, instead my cat caught skin allergic reaction & a dandruff patch appeared on that area like huge.


For warble worm, add antibiotic cream, vaseline on that wound bandage it up. Next day open up bandage, you'll see the worm trying to come out from hole to breathe(since the vaseline suffocates the worm), you grab tweezer & pull the worm out but make sure you don't burst the worm accidently as the pus can cause infection in the wound. After you take the worm out, the wound hole will start healing itself. Now for the dandruff hole or dandruff patch, use antibiotic cream but do not cover it up. Within few days the dandruff patch will heal.

Other problems:

One day my cat ran away all day when she came back at night time, her right cheek was swelled up. Do not worry about it, it's called a "cat bite". During some fight if another cat bites cheek, the cheek swells. All i did was just fed my cat a lot of fresh chicken meat & food. Within 24 hours the swelling was gone. Do not puncture the swelled up cheek yourself as it might have infectious pus that can make your cat ill.


Mishu me was always accompanying me in my shoots^, 
here she is with me in my "diary of jane" shots.

Mishu me became important part of my promos at my facebook page x>
from time to time.


In 2014, Ideas started popping in my head, 
it occurred to me why not make mishu me face of my products?^.

I took her pictures , edited them and converted them into greeting cards for my stall. 
I called my these series "Cat Nips". To my surprise all these sold out instantly.

Next I made a mini totes bag out of her face, 
with a velvet bow brooch along,
Aint she so cute?^.


Me & mishu celebrated together success of "Cat Nips" series,
And said thank you's to all who bought her products x>


Then in may 2014, the worse happens. I was away for two day trip to Kamrah. When I came back, Mishu was gone from roof. Was no where to be found. I felt so sad and worried for days thinking that God knows where she must be in what condition. I remember everyday during Ramazan she would come from main gate straight upstairs in my room, wait for me to wake up lying on chair. I would wake up by 7am, come into my room, would be shocked to find her waiting for me sitting on my chair :,). The day she was gone, i missed this so badly because i knew now i'll come in my room in morning nobody will be waiting on my chair for me. Some of my friends said "She might return back after a year or so", others said "She must be dead and got into some accident". Whatever happened to her, i know this I really went through hard time accepting to lose my favorite & close pet friend. It's sad I was thinking to get her cute name tag collar & save money from selling her cat nips series and get her groomed. But now none of this will happen.

I wanted to make so many more products of her, but after losing her, i stopped because it only reminded me of mishu me. But now I've couraged up & start back on cat nips series again. I really want people to wear her products, look cute, that will make me feel happy knowing this that people love mishu me still ^.

Sharing all this was very hard for me,
Because losing a pet & living without her is not easy,
Hope you could take some help and relate to this,
If you have gone through same experience,
You can share,
I would love to know,

Until next time,
Take care,



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