Sunday, August 17, 2014

Vintage Finds Volume#1

Apart from looking "Cute" & being a fashion accessories designer, one of my Obsessions also include of collecting Vintage things, thrifting & adding vintage vibe to my creations x>. I absolutely am obsessed by '70's, '80's & '90's era. I love everything about the originality these eras provided in terms of art, rock & roll music, fashion sense & diversified range of movies.Today i'll share some fun vintage props which i own myself & how you can utilize them in Photography & other ideas?^).

My grandma (Nano) owns some of the most amazing Vintage Collection I've ever seen x>
I decided to do something about these treasures^.

Vintage Radio & Camera Display : 
Present your cute products using vintage accessories, as you can see i have 
displayed my birdies in a fun way.
(You can buy these cute birdies from here, inbox me at my page)

By the way, for this lovely idea, i took inspiration from this picture I came across below:

I saw this photo from red velvet art vintage shop, Elsie & Emma did an amazing job adding birdies on their 
Vintage display x> How cute is that eh?

So apart from using Vintage camera for fun display, where else can you use it?^

Just like amazing Islamabad based Photographer Waliya Najib, carry a vintage camera for fun in your photographs, using it as photo prop can add a very sensual vintage sort of aura to your pictures^. 
Another Vintage Find: 

I found this so cute Mama Bear spoon holder from thrift shop x>,
this spoon holder is very handy, while you're cooking, you can keep your oily spoons in this holder rather than placing here & there on vanity x>! & plus the certain Vintage look it gives is amazing, it reminds me of "Goldilocks & three bears" story x>! *Cute*!

Thanks for letting me share this mini fun post with you all,
Hope you'll try my ideas,
I will be posting different volumes of my hunt for "Vintage Finds" bit by bit,
Until next finds ;>,
Take Care,



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