Saturday, August 16, 2014

Minnie Mouse Bow Head Wear^!

One of my favorite parts about being a fashion accessories designer is this that i get to have freedom to create, enjoy whatever inspires me alot^. I'm the type of chic who's head is full of secrets of designing. When i look at some product, I instantly manage to imagine that how it might have been constructed, elements of engineering & mechanism are in me from my dad's side i guess x>. My favorite products tend to be those which are bigger or smaller in size to what usually people perceive to as "normal". I love making extremely big or extremely tiny miniature products. 

Minnie mouse always inspired me since was a kid, so i decided to make one accessory under her stamp ^. 

My minnie mouse head wear is made from very fine hot pink silk, attached carefully to comfortable headband, made with same silk medium. Fun part is,  you can easily stand out in crowd while wearing this fun accessory on your head. 

(lost link to this send me kindly)

I came across this chic wearing giant bow, i decided to make my own version of it, since i wanted the bow to stand out & not just lay flat on head.

& since i already had a vision in my head for how i want my final bow to look like i.e minnie mouse inspired, it was easier for me to construct my giant bow^.

I'm quite happy with the way my final Minnie Mouse Bow looks like^, perfect application for this would be at some halloween party or if you wanna just dress up fun for photo booth say?;>. Or you can cosplay crazy wearing this too, x> Up to you girls have fun being creative ^^. If you like this?^, you can place order for your own minnie mouse bow at my page, just inbox me details here (link).  I wore two color lipstick for my this product shots just for fun (red & pink) & do make sure while trying this, you don't smudge your lips or else both colors will merge ;>.

Thanks for letting me share my Minnie Mouse Bow Head wear,^
I'll see you tomorrow again with another fun post,
Till then take care,



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