Thursday, August 14, 2014

Photo Fun At F9 Park ^!

If you ever visit Islamabad, & need some place to go for photography shots, best place i'll recommend you will be F9 park x>. It consists of alot of trees , fun statues & most importantly it is huge in size. Every corner of this place is full of nature & forests^^. It was my photography final exam, that me & my friend decided to go there for fun shots x>. First thing I would recommend you, would be to carry water bottle, wear comfy shoes & take some big hat with you along, as this park is huge & requires a lot of walking not cool in bright sunlight eh?^. 
Anyway, so here we go taking snaps, my friend clicked some lovely shots of mine which i converted into some fun photo ideas:

#1 Use Your Pictures For Sneak Peeks Of your Projects:

If you're an art freak like i am x>, you can add fun writings on your snap,
I love adding my upcoming projects on my best snaps in a fun quirky scattered way. You can also add scribbles on your pictures if you want^.


Now as you can see before the picture was empty,
 buh adding writings added more fun & curiosity to it's aura.^

#2 Pose Like A Model:

I only like modeling part time for fun, but don't want to make it my full time career^.
Just an idea here you can do some modeling poses to make your own fun portfolio x>.

& this one is edited by my co-worker & friend dania x>, she added vintage effect & frame to my photo for this. 

#3 Add Fun Stars To Your Photo:

I wanted to see orange & purple going together, you can make your own fun combinations & add stars on your picture to just spice it up.

Onething important to note here is, make sure your picture is dull in colours compared to stars you'll add, that way your bright color stars will pop x>.♥

#4 Add Snow Effect To Your Photos:

As you can see i was at F9 park on a very bright sunny day, adding snow effect can work out so cool for your bright sunny pictures. You can add snow effect using picmonkey free online photo editor.

#5 Give Tribute To Your Inspiration:

"You know it's mexico when it's shown in yellow" ~breaking bad~

This can be alot of fun, pick your inspiration & edit according to one of it's elements. I increased yellow in my photo above to make it look like mexico as found in breaking bad x>. Whatever inspiration you may have just make sure some element of it matches with your photo.

All photos in this post edited using free photo editor:

Thanks for letting me share some fun photo ideas,^ hope you'll try them would like to hear back from you.

Till then take care,



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