Friday, August 22, 2014

And Death Came

One of the healthiest ways to express your emotions and thoughts is to put them in conceptual photo shots. I get a lot of visions, dreams from time to time, which do not seem to be that "bright" but often include very scary, macabre visuals. As an artist it is very important to not only focus on "positive" ideas, but also "negative" emotions which tend to get stuck inside us and fathom poisonous results in the end. What i am about to reveal is the "depth" part of me, which i only express through psychedelic photographs^. Now i don't own a "Fancy" professional camera nor have much knowledge about "professional" photo editing. But i sure do know basics of adobe & can manage to put out exactly the kind of concepts i have in my head. This is again very important!. When you are an artist of any kind, it does not matter whether you have less or more skills, what matters the most is how well you can express those ideas in your mind in a visual form even when you have limited knowledge/materials. And that's the beauty of being an amazing artist.

Today i will tell you how i edited my conceptual art photos & share story behind each of them.

#1 "And She Never Sleeps":

I wanted to do a shot portraying anxiety problems, 
this one is very close to my psyche which only the artist
can understand ^.

How I edited Back ground picture?^

For this shot, i found a horror looking photo randomly from google images,
And used it as background on first layer.^ Now the moon & graves you see in the background picture
(showing from window) were added using picmonkey,  This site has awesome collections of stamps that you can use in your pictures.


How I edited my layer#2 Picture ?^

It was easy, first i took a photo of myself on self timer, 
I already had the concept & final outcome of picture in my head,
So it was easy for me to know what type of pose i really wanted.

As you can see the picture was taken in my room 
& was nothing special about it^lol


Next I added some effects using picmonkey, 
changed my lip & eye color. Using magic tool brush at adobe photoshop,
I simply removed the eecky background & separated it from my main photo.
Next, i saved my photo to .png format & added it to my main "scary" background.

There it is my conceptual photo is ready x>.
I like to add some writings with my photo too which defines
what i'm trying to express in them.You should add some writings too with your art.
When your words are required with visuals, 
but you don't add them along, 
then your art becomes meaningless. Read below for my words:

"There's a feeling I get when I look to the West,
And my spirit is crying for leaving...
In my thoughts I have seen rings of smoke through the TREES,..
And the voices of those who stand looking..."

(Excerpt taken from "Stairway To Heaven" by led zeppelin)

#2 "The Kill":

For my next photo I am not trying to portray i'm "Dying" or anything,
But there is a very strong message behind my this concept.

The original photo looked like this^.
I took it on self timer, added blood stains using picmonkey.
I used vampire effect again using picmonkey,
& then blended the unwanted background behind me using "smudge" tool,
in adobe photoshop.
Simple x>

The concept is again very close to my psyche,
It tells a story going on in my head about everyone's conscience.
Some people might say i'm trying to portray myself "dead" here,
but that's just a hasty judgement of my portrayal.
A message is deep,
It's about how we as people sell our souls,
& become slaves to money, fame & later regret on our decision.
It's about death of our own conscience.

"What if I wanted to break?,
Laugh it all off on your face,
What would you do?...

What if I fell to the floor,
Couldn't take all this anymore..
What would you do?,....

Come break me down,
Bury me, Bury me,..
I am finished with you......"

(Excerpt taken from "The Kill" by 30 Seconds To Mars


So this is how I express myself in visual & words. Hope you'll learn to try to express your negative emotions like anger, sadness, depression, pain in such healthy way too!.It's always best to get these feelings out & not bottle them in you. If there's a will, there's a way x>.

Thanks for letting me share my conceptual art experience^,
I will be sharing more photo concepts IA,
Until Next time,
Take Care,



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