Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Diy: Cardboard Buildings Artwork

 Here is a basic card board art work I made. For this all you need are some paints, scissors and a card board piece which can be taken from milk box carton.
  1.  Draw cool buildings art work using pencil.
  2. Then paint the building base black using mixture of acrylic and poster paint.
  3. Do the outlines of the buildings using white paint(This will give it chalkboard effect).
  4. Cut out the edges using sharp scissors(You need to have practice for cutting card board neatly or you can opt using cutter or laser too. I prefer cutting all my art works using normal scissors since I have a lot of practice. I am creating arts from past 7 years).

Final cardboard art work will look like this. You can write fun message behind this and gift to someone or keep it on your mantle piece for decoration.

Coming up with lots of new diys for you!

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

I am micro celebrity of Islamabad?

As an aspiring "First female vlogger" from Islamabad I'm honored to be considered in "Micro Celebrities" of a written thesis of Ripha University student Mahnoor. I received an email if I would be interested to give interview for the thesis and just the thought of being considered "Micro Celebrity" of Islamabad was very gratifying. I'm humbled. So I invited mahnoor to come join us for sushi at Suki Sushi, while I give interview.

The sushi with maki was yum!. Y'all must try.

Suki Sushi, F7, Jinnah Super Market, next to Illusions.