Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Trending: Mint and Mocha

I am totally digging the Mocha coffee and mint green color going together. If you could cough up some cash and go shopping before Eid. I would recommend you to buy something "Minty" this summer:

Whether you are Hair chalking with remincing mint color or adding it to your room decor, the obsession of this refreshing color will leave you indulging for more.


Nichole Ritchie spotted in Mint green zebra printed top with mocha colored heels.


Essie Mint Green nail polish is best to go with your mint green top. Or maybe you can turn the attention towards your toes, paint them up mint green.


This sparkly necklace is from here.

For neck candy, go for mint green Rhinestones necklace. If you would like to flash some jewels at any glamorous event, wear this with Mocha or black color top. 


What do you think about this sleek color combination? Would you wear anything in mint green/mocha this summer?;>.


Jealoused Much?..

Haha Ok, so I never really told you kids I am a crazy-witty-quirky writer from the inside. Three years ago, I would write diaries like crazy. I had account at xanga where I would enter my journals 24/7. Then suddenly in 2012, my "writing" passion went goodbye. It was taken over by a giant blob eating up my time with crafts, fashion accessories, styling, graphic designing and photo editing. The witty writer in me disappeared. Too many distractions ruined the voice in my head. But yesterday, I came across this very cool page on facebook called Metronome. Boy did I felt envious checking out the awesome witty captions this guy gives under all his posts? Hell yes. Jealoused much me was stunned by the awesomeness of words, suddenly deja vu occurred to me, and I thought to myself, "Man, I have to improve my writing style and try being a good writer again". Shucks, I know the "Creativity" and drab of designing sucks up most of my time. But this "Writing" aspect is very essential part of me as well.

So what to do now kiddies?. Idea: Why not write all those witty-funny experiences here under "Diary" label on my blog?. That way you might be the judge of my writing asset and clever use of words ;>.


Monday, June 29, 2015

I am Loving..

Starting new label called "Trends". I will share just short bits with 1 or 2 trending fashions in here. I am totally in love with these lashes and concept of a chic wearing bow tie. How totally cute does this girl looks in bow tie?.


Here is eye lash dictionary for your guide ^^.


Saturday, June 27, 2015

Boy Crush: Tom Surridge

Hello there everyone I am back :>. Apologies for returning back to blogging game after such a long time. I was active on my Instagram accounts (I know you kids might have noticed ;>). The reason it took me a week almost to come back to blogging routine is because I was transferring over 20,000 photos and data of mine to my new laptop (Haha I know it sounds crazy, like seriously I have 20k photos?). I wanted to fully organize my all upcoming blog posts before I could start fresh and guess what?;). I have come up with two new labels which I will reveal soon. I learned so much in past one week, I can't wait to share with you.

Two days ago, I saw the flick "Like Minds". Literally crushing on that hottie Tom Surridge. He is so damn cute. Honestly, I thought he must have starred in Twilight because he fits as a perfect vampire by looks.  Well, have a look yourself kiddies:

Looks like he just starred in Twilight opposite to bella eh?^

(Photo Source link)


His role in the movie "Like Minds", would leave you feeling eerie with goosebumps in a cute way, since he is such a cutie.


How about this face?^


Aint he so perfect?;>.


And another thing he is one of close pals of Robert Pattinson haha :>.  What a shocker, explains a lot about his charming vampire looks ;>.


Starting new labels from tomorrow ;>,
Catch me in new post,

Friday, June 19, 2015

Peek at my annoying zombies

Hello there kitties :>. I wanted to show you where most of my time is being spend these days. One of my hobbies lately have been "Cats". I recently give my ginger cat for adoption. Now I have 6 cats still (including mother) to look after. I will be giving two more kittens of mine for adoption. By the way this is the first time I am experiencing to take care of such small kittens. Anyway, if you ask me what is the best part about having 6 cats?. I'd say: The best part about having these adorbs is how unconditional their love tends to be^. I have given names to all my cats:

1- Thin face Cream color Kitten (I call him alien lol )
2- Round face Cream color Kitten (He is bunny, because he looks like one)
3- Orange and white Kitten (Tabby, she is female)
4- White and grey kitten (Sniffy, he sniffs everything all the time)
5- Black Kitten (Boxer, named after my previous cat as he looks like him plus he is a fighter, literally bites and claws on skin so badly lol. Quite violent)
6- Ginger Kitten(Tiger, I give him for adoption recently. I am glad he is being taken care of so well, He sleeps with his owner in bed every night haha).

LOL my bolls, just woke up from sleep. Literally they run so fast like tiny midgets. They look so funny in an annoying way.


Here is my minnie mouse all sleepy sleepy with her kittens. They attack their ma like zombies seriously(too funny to watch lol).


I will be doing a photo shoot with all my cats soon, once they will grow a little more bigger ;>.

Class # 2: Adobe Illustrator Basics (Part : 1 )

Hello there kiddies :>. My routine has been weirdly changed. you might be noticing I blog often at night time now. Apologies for this, I will be tuning my routine soon. Lately, I've just been too over whelmed by taking care of 6 cats together. I am just waiting for them to grow bigger so that I can give them to my friends and family who want to adopt my cats. I will be giving at least two cats for adoption.

So, last week I shared my little story of getting into "Graphic Designing" and basics of graphic designing. I hope by now you must be clear about the difference between Vector and Raster graphics?. If not then I recommend you to go through my previous class again right here.

Today I will be teaching you basics of Adobe Illustrator and also the details of the advantage this software can give you:

Question from Previous Class: Is Text used in Adobe Illustrator Raster or Vector?

Answer: Text is always vector since it's not made with pixels. Anything you will create in Vector based software will be Vector in nature.

Shortcuts Of Adobe Illustrator:

The first very important thing which will be noticed when you will say , go work for a company as a graphic designer is the amount of time and efficiency level you will put into doing their work. So for example, a company asks you to design a logo for them. You open the Adobe Illustrator, go into "file tab", select "New" and then open new page. Similarly, for every single little command you go into "Tabs" for selecting options. This will not only waste your time but also make things inefficient for your work.  Rule # 1: Every professional graphic designer should learn shortcuts by heart. This will not only save plenty of your time, but also create a very professional image of yours in work environment.

Here are some most commonly used shortcuts which can come handy from time to time:

  1. New File (Ctrl +N)
  2. Open File (Ctrl + O)
  3. Save File (Ctrl + S)
  4. Undo (Ctrl + Z)
  5. Redo (Ctrl+ Shift+ Z)
  6. Lock Object (Ctrl + 2)
  7. Unlock Object (Ctrl + Alt + 2)
  8. Hide Object (Ctrl +3)
  9. Show All (Ctrl + Alt + 3)
  10. Group (Ctrl + G)
  11. Ungroup ( Ctrl + Shift + G)
  12. Duplicate (Ctrl + D)
  13. Duplicate and Paste Object (Ctrl + C + F + D)
  14. Copy Object (Ctrl + C), (Alt + Left Click of Mouse and Drag Object)
  15. Magnify In ( Ctrl plus +)
  16. Magnify Out ( Ctrl plus -)
  17. Paste (Ctrl + V)
  18. Paste In Front (Ctrl + F)
  19. Paste In Back (Ctrl + B)
  20. Eye Dropper Tool ( I )
  21. Send To Back ( Ctrl + { )
  22. Bring To Front (Ctrl + } )

I am sure there must be 100 more shortcuts in Adobe Illustrator, but these are the basic shortcuts which you should know. Learn these by heart and practice them everyday to be able to get your work done more efficiently.


Question: Are all shortcuts same in Adobe Pack?

Answer:  No, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Indesign have totally different shortcuts. Some of them are similar though like say magnifying In or out. But not all of the shortcuts are same.


Color Modes:

There are two types of color modes in Adobe Illustrator:

  1. RGB : Red, Green, Blue.
  2. CMYK: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black
RGB colors are primary in nature and are set for photographs and electronic media. Whereas, CMYK are secondary colors commonly used in print media.


Uses of Adobe Illustrator in Print and Electronic Media:

  1. Print Media: Magazines, newspapers, banners, pamphlets, catalogs, comics, books, visiting cards, printable artwork etc.
  2. Electronic Media: Photography, mobile/websites apps, website banners/templates/ads, TV ad, graphics, digital art etc.

Print media work is always done in "Inches". When you create new file there is an option which allows you to choose units for your file. Always select the option "Inches"


Your homework for next class is to learn and practice all these shortcuts. Be able to differentiate between print & electronic media along with color modes. Do not get confused by which color mode is used for what media.


Hope this might help you in some way kids :>.
Any questions you have email me at: saoirsechic@gmail.com
I will answer in next class ;>.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

DIY: Pizza Cardboard Wall Art

Hello there kiddies:. I have finally managed to complete this totally rad pizza artwork. It's 100% recycled and made from cardboard. Super easy to make and looks so good enough to eat as well. How to make one for your wall?. Allow me to demonstrate:

Materials You will Need:
  • Pentel Poster paints
  • Marie's Acrylic Paints
  • Clutch Pencil & Eraser
  • Paint Brush
  • Cardboard piece
  • Uhu Glue
  • White Paper
  • Yarn and Needle
  • Scissors
  1. Draw on cardboard piece pizza shape using clutch pencil.
  2. Paint the whole pizza shape white. Leave it to dry.
  3. After white base dries, paint your pizza some pepperoni, capsicum and crust.
  4. Once dried, cut out your pizza shape.

5. Sew yarn thread using yarn needle on piece of paper and paste it at back side of pizza using UHU glue tube.


Pizza artwork is ready to hang. ^^. It's totally Eco friendly and you can even use it as photobooth prop if you like.

Hope you enjoyed this.
Don't forget to check back.


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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Outfit Post for: "Surri Ruoka Restaurant Launch"

Hello everyone :>.  I was invited at this glamorous restaurant event launch hosted by gorgeous model Natty and organized by Harry Events and Pr. I had so much fun throughout the red carpet event. I will write full review about my whole experience in next post. Today I am starting new fashion series where I will post my full look book including outfit, jewelry and makeup which I will be wearing for all events/outings. How fun will that be?. Here is your today's outfit post:

My top is hand stitched and bag is by Nine West brand. (Full bag review coming soon too).


Since my top was royal blue with white stripes, I accessorized with everything Neon green. 

Bracelets are from Centaurus Mall, Necklace and Neon pins from Haroons.


Makeup Time:

Here are all the cosmetics which I used for the event. I will write their reviews individually in coming posts and will also share how to use them ;>.

  1. Peach and pink blush by Mac
  2. Peachy Shiny Eye shadow by Bourjois
  3. Maybelline New York Pure Stay Powder Foundation
  4. D.M.G.M Fine Loose Powder (Light Ivory)
  5. Maybelline New York Great Lash Mascara
  6. Rimmel Mono Eye Shadow
  7. Red Lipstick by Music Flower
  8. Pan Eye liner and brush by Kryolan, Kajal Pencil and sharperner by Eva Garden
  9. Strawberry Mist by Body Fantasies
  10. Black Eye Enhancer by Cover Girl


Here is my full look from the event;>.


Here is another good news, my article just got published today in "Observer" Newspaper. I am super excited and thankful to Harry for helping me so much :>


Hope you enjoyed this kiddies:>.
Next stop will be full Restaurant Review.

Inspiring Quotes and Flower Shots

Hello there kiddies :>. It has been a busy week. I did managed to shoot some new Craft DIY's but blimey!, they are half complete. I am a perfectionist in terms of getting everything done before I even share with you any of my "Behind The Scenes". Shortly you will get to see my upcoming projects (and of course my Page tab needs to be updated badly, I will be adding  lots of new details soon). Today I have got some beautiful flower shots with inspiring quotes to share with you:

#1 Stop Dwelling Over Yesterday:

We keep dwelling on past that's our big problem. Time is precious, every second spent takes you one step closer to death. Life is short kids, do right, live your dreams and never give up. No matter how many times you get knocked down on ground, pick yourself up and keep your goals stronger than your emotions.


#2 Be yourself:

It is okay to idolize someone or copy someone's style for fun (I do it all the time), as long as you don't lose your own essence and identity. Do not change your self for someone who has an issue with how you talk, walk, eat, chat or do things. Losing your identity for someone's happiness is the worse thing ever. 


#3 YOLO:

This life will not be granted to us again kids. Live it, own it and enjoy every little bit. Whether it's just an ice cream or making jelly with your friends. Take funny snaps and celebrate every moment.


#4 Let Go, Let Karma Do it's Job:

The worse kind of feeling in this world is being insulted, disrespected, betrayed, ditched or being lied by those we trust most or from those who we try being so good to. Are you hating them for doing wrong to you?. Stop!. Don't. Have faith and believe in Law of nature. It is technically impossible that if you hurt someone and you don't get hurt back as well sometime in future. Because you will. That's called Karma. Breathe and let go^.


Note: I don't own the flower photos, I just added quotes on top of them. The original source to these, has been lost kindly leave in comments if you know the source.


Hope these might inspire you to live better and happy life.
I just noticed I have more than 6,500 views on my blog now. That's awesome to know within two months my blog views increased so much. Thank you all^^.


Monday, June 15, 2015

I Was out On Event Today..

Hello kiddies:>. I was invited at this fun launch of restaurant. I will talk about it soon in my blog posts.

Here is a selfie of me enjoying mint juice;^.

Too tired will post new tomorrow,


Sunday, June 14, 2015

Things I Love # 7 !

Hello there kiddies :>. Many of you might be expecting me to post the question series. I know I told you will be posting next question on Saturday. But I have decided not to and will be keeping it a mystery. I will surprise you with the next question anywhere in coming week ;>.(Why keep it a mystery?, because it's fun right?^).

Today I will be sharing some rad things I came across the other day:


Coca Cola cake?. Good enough to eat ;>. How rad!.


I got shot in my thigh what about you?^.


Puppy with chics how adorable :>.


Such a beautiful place. How cool will it be to do picnic under this tree?;>.


Not to forget sauce boss with giant hot dog.


I never knew Dubai has a flower garden. Visiting it next time ;>.


Will it be wise to have this in your room?. I will want pizza everyday then xp.


I am loving all shots by Tim Walker. Giant Doll is awesome.


Haha Stupid Fats Hobbit. Does this part of "Lord Of the Rings" always makes you laugh?.

Enjoyed much? Thanks for checking out my this week's things i love^.
Happy Weekend everyone ;>,

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Panda Illustration Now In Framed Prints

Hello there kiddies:>.  I have been taken over by kittens lately. Expect me blogging late nights till my kits grow older a bit (Not easy taking care of 7 cats trust me). So I have launched my graphic designing series finally. On every Thursday follow me to share my knowledge with you on Adobe. Today I am sharing my newly added print on redbubble shop:

You can buy my panda illustration in High resolution print along with fine frame from here


I also have opened my Instagram shop. So, if you're interested to buy my original sketch. You can buy from here. I have framed my original print for you myself x>. It's a vintage frame.

I would really appreciate it if you chics could support me and follow me at my new Instagram shop. I love getting positive vibes and feedback;>. Come have a look at my cutecutecute things I have made.


Thursday, June 11, 2015

Question: Can I have a Photo of You with Burger?

Hello kiddies. Not to forget the question series are still running. The editing, the drab of posting and sharing and sharing was making me go crazy, so kids, I have decided to post question series after every 1 day gap. Not bad right?.

Today's question is asked by Alex_Turner, he asked "Can I have a photo of you with burger?". Of course why don't you say so here:

My inspiration for this photo is Harley Morenstein aka sauce boss. I love this man. He is such a merchant lol. My Idol. Here is the magnified picture of him to keep in your wallet haha:

Thanks Alex_Turner for sending me this question*.
Next question will be posted on Saturday.

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Class # 1: Introduction to Graphic Designing

Hello kiddies:>. I am starting whole series on graphic designing where I will teach you not only how to use the whole Adobe Pack but the basics of graphic designing as well.

I am currently a student in a graphic designing course myself.

Before I enrolled myself into taking graphic designing course, I was double minded whether I should invest in such a course or not. Many of my friends recommended me to learn everything about Adobe using tutorials given on blogs, instead of taking such an expensive course. I thought it must be easy learning online so for next few days I did my research on such "blogs", who were teaching you for free to learn everything about Adobe. And literally my mind went BONKERS. Everything was being taught in such a terrible terrible  messed up, confusing way, that i'm sure not even a "Professional" graphic designer would invest their time cruising such sites.

The biggest turn off I found on all sites was this that they have explained everything in such a COMPLEXED way, a beginner like me would just run away on first glimpse. Bummer!, I decided to take the course. On 25th May 2015, I was finally enrolled and took my first class. It surprised me what ever I was being taught on first day of my class was never being taught ANYWHERE on internet. After a week, I was quite happy with what ever I have learned from this course. Suddenly, an idea just dawned on me... why not create series on my blog with whatever I am learning?. I am fortunate enough that my dad got me enrolled but I'm sure not many of you can really afford such expensive course and would rely on only source of information i.e Internet. And when the information on internet will Suck too, what will you do then?.

I'll tell you what you can do. You should start reading my new series starting from here below:

I will be teaching you these software from scratch:

  1. Adobe Illustrator
  2. Adobe Photoshop
  3. Adobe In Design
  4. Corel Draw

Class # 1:

Graphic Design:

Just remember this : Graphic Design is the art of visually communicating your ideas through visuals (Images, graphic forms, animations etc.) or text.

There are two types of graphics in this world:
  1. Vector: Made with curves and lines.
  2. Raster: Made in pixels.
Any image made in Raster will pix-elate when magnified or changed. Whereas, anything made in Vector will not pix-elate and will always give you fine result. E.g:

All logos, banners, graphics, illustrations etc are made in Vector because of it's high quality end result. For images like photos Raster is used.

Now I will tell you which soft wares are Vector and which are Raster:

Vector Software:

Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Indesign
Corel Draw

Raster Software:

Adobe Photoshop


Question: If you drag an image to Adobe Illustrator and work on it there. When you will save it to your computer won't it be still Raster?.

Answer: No, because you have worked in a vector software on the image. Does not matter what ever you will work on in Adobe Illustrator. Once you will save it, it will be Vector graphic because you have worked in Vector based software. Same goes with other software too.


Uses Of Vector and Raster Software:
  1. Print Media: (Everything which needs to be printed like magazines, books, comics etc.)
  2. Electronic Media:(Everything which will be digitally saved e.g photos, websites, mobile app etc.)
Graphic Format Types:

  1. .DPI (Dots Per Inch)
  2. .JPEG(Joint Photography Expert Group)
  3. .PNG(Portal Network Graphics)
  4. .PPI(Pixel Per Inch)
  5.  Bitmap

I learned 50 more new things on my first day of class. But I think it's enough till here. Your homework for this week is: Be Crystal clear about differentiating between Vector and Raster graphics. Learn the Format types by heart because you never know when some one can ask you about them and what you will do, remain blank?. How embarrassing!. 

If you have any questions send me here: saoirsechic@gmail.com 
I will answer it in next class;>. 
See you next Thursday for class #2 for the Graphic Designing series.