Friday, June 19, 2015

Peek at my annoying zombies

Hello there kitties :>. I wanted to show you where most of my time is being spend these days. One of my hobbies lately have been "Cats". I recently give my ginger cat for adoption. Now I have 6 cats still (including mother) to look after. I will be giving two more kittens of mine for adoption. By the way this is the first time I am experiencing to take care of such small kittens. Anyway, if you ask me what is the best part about having 6 cats?. I'd say: The best part about having these adorbs is how unconditional their love tends to be^. I have given names to all my cats:

1- Thin face Cream color Kitten (I call him alien lol )
2- Round face Cream color Kitten (He is bunny, because he looks like one)
3- Orange and white Kitten (Tabby, she is female)
4- White and grey kitten (Sniffy, he sniffs everything all the time)
5- Black Kitten (Boxer, named after my previous cat as he looks like him plus he is a fighter, literally bites and claws on skin so badly lol. Quite violent)
6- Ginger Kitten(Tiger, I give him for adoption recently. I am glad he is being taken care of so well, He sleeps with his owner in bed every night haha).

LOL my bolls, just woke up from sleep. Literally they run so fast like tiny midgets. They look so funny in an annoying way.


Here is my minnie mouse all sleepy sleepy with her kittens. They attack their ma like zombies seriously(too funny to watch lol).


I will be doing a photo shoot with all my cats soon, once they will grow a little more bigger ;>.

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