Saturday, June 13, 2015

Panda Illustration Now In Framed Prints

Hello there kiddies:>.  I have been taken over by kittens lately. Expect me blogging late nights till my kits grow older a bit (Not easy taking care of 7 cats trust me). So I have launched my graphic designing series finally. On every Thursday follow me to share my knowledge with you on Adobe. Today I am sharing my newly added print on redbubble shop:

You can buy my panda illustration in High resolution print along with fine frame from here


I also have opened my Instagram shop. So, if you're interested to buy my original sketch. You can buy from here. I have framed my original print for you myself x>. It's a vintage frame.

I would really appreciate it if you chics could support me and follow me at my new Instagram shop. I love getting positive vibes and feedback;>. Come have a look at my cutecutecute things I have made.


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