Thursday, June 11, 2015

Class # 1: Introduction to Graphic Designing

Hello kiddies:>. I am starting whole series on graphic designing where I will teach you not only how to use the whole Adobe Pack but the basics of graphic designing as well.

I am currently a student in a graphic designing course myself.

Before I enrolled myself into taking graphic designing course, I was double minded whether I should invest in such a course or not. Many of my friends recommended me to learn everything about Adobe using tutorials given on blogs, instead of taking such an expensive course. I thought it must be easy learning online so for next few days I did my research on such "blogs", who were teaching you for free to learn everything about Adobe. And literally my mind went BONKERS. Everything was being taught in such a terrible terrible  messed up, confusing way, that i'm sure not even a "Professional" graphic designer would invest their time cruising such sites.

The biggest turn off I found on all sites was this that they have explained everything in such a COMPLEXED way, a beginner like me would just run away on first glimpse. Bummer!, I decided to take the course. On 25th May 2015, I was finally enrolled and took my first class. It surprised me what ever I was being taught on first day of my class was never being taught ANYWHERE on internet. After a week, I was quite happy with what ever I have learned from this course. Suddenly, an idea just dawned on me... why not create series on my blog with whatever I am learning?. I am fortunate enough that my dad got me enrolled but I'm sure not many of you can really afford such expensive course and would rely on only source of information i.e Internet. And when the information on internet will Suck too, what will you do then?.

I'll tell you what you can do. You should start reading my new series starting from here below:

I will be teaching you these software from scratch:

  1. Adobe Illustrator
  2. Adobe Photoshop
  3. Adobe In Design
  4. Corel Draw

Class # 1:

Graphic Design:

Just remember this : Graphic Design is the art of visually communicating your ideas through visuals (Images, graphic forms, animations etc.) or text.

There are two types of graphics in this world:
  1. Vector: Made with curves and lines.
  2. Raster: Made in pixels.
Any image made in Raster will pix-elate when magnified or changed. Whereas, anything made in Vector will not pix-elate and will always give you fine result. E.g:

All logos, banners, graphics, illustrations etc are made in Vector because of it's high quality end result. For images like photos Raster is used.

Now I will tell you which soft wares are Vector and which are Raster:

Vector Software:

Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Indesign
Corel Draw

Raster Software:

Adobe Photoshop


Question: If you drag an image to Adobe Illustrator and work on it there. When you will save it to your computer won't it be still Raster?.

Answer: No, because you have worked in a vector software on the image. Does not matter what ever you will work on in Adobe Illustrator. Once you will save it, it will be Vector graphic because you have worked in Vector based software. Same goes with other software too.


Uses Of Vector and Raster Software:
  1. Print Media: (Everything which needs to be printed like magazines, books, comics etc.)
  2. Electronic Media:(Everything which will be digitally saved e.g photos, websites, mobile app etc.)
Graphic Format Types:

  1. .DPI (Dots Per Inch)
  2. .JPEG(Joint Photography Expert Group)
  3. .PNG(Portal Network Graphics)
  4. .PPI(Pixel Per Inch)
  5.  Bitmap

I learned 50 more new things on my first day of class. But I think it's enough till here. Your homework for this week is: Be Crystal clear about differentiating between Vector and Raster graphics. Learn the Format types by heart because you never know when some one can ask you about them and what you will do, remain blank?. How embarrassing!. 

If you have any questions send me here: 
I will answer it in next class;>. 
See you next Thursday for class #2 for the Graphic Designing series.


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