Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Trending: Mint and Mocha

I am totally digging the Mocha coffee and mint green color going together. If you could cough up some cash and go shopping before Eid. I would recommend you to buy something "Minty" this summer:

Whether you are Hair chalking with remincing mint color or adding it to your room decor, the obsession of this refreshing color will leave you indulging for more.


Nichole Ritchie spotted in Mint green zebra printed top with mocha colored heels.


Essie Mint Green nail polish is best to go with your mint green top. Or maybe you can turn the attention towards your toes, paint them up mint green.


This sparkly necklace is from here.

For neck candy, go for mint green Rhinestones necklace. If you would like to flash some jewels at any glamorous event, wear this with Mocha or black color top. 


What do you think about this sleek color combination? Would you wear anything in mint green/mocha this summer?;>.


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