Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Inspiring Quotes and Flower Shots

Hello there kiddies :>. It has been a busy week. I did managed to shoot some new Craft DIY's but blimey!, they are half complete. I am a perfectionist in terms of getting everything done before I even share with you any of my "Behind The Scenes". Shortly you will get to see my upcoming projects (and of course my Page tab needs to be updated badly, I will be adding  lots of new details soon). Today I have got some beautiful flower shots with inspiring quotes to share with you:

#1 Stop Dwelling Over Yesterday:

We keep dwelling on past that's our big problem. Time is precious, every second spent takes you one step closer to death. Life is short kids, do right, live your dreams and never give up. No matter how many times you get knocked down on ground, pick yourself up and keep your goals stronger than your emotions.


#2 Be yourself:

It is okay to idolize someone or copy someone's style for fun (I do it all the time), as long as you don't lose your own essence and identity. Do not change your self for someone who has an issue with how you talk, walk, eat, chat or do things. Losing your identity for someone's happiness is the worse thing ever. 


#3 YOLO:

This life will not be granted to us again kids. Live it, own it and enjoy every little bit. Whether it's just an ice cream or making jelly with your friends. Take funny snaps and celebrate every moment.


#4 Let Go, Let Karma Do it's Job:

The worse kind of feeling in this world is being insulted, disrespected, betrayed, ditched or being lied by those we trust most or from those who we try being so good to. Are you hating them for doing wrong to you?. Stop!. Don't. Have faith and believe in Law of nature. It is technically impossible that if you hurt someone and you don't get hurt back as well sometime in future. Because you will. That's called Karma. Breathe and let go^.


Note: I don't own the flower photos, I just added quotes on top of them. The original source to these, has been lost kindly leave in comments if you know the source.


Hope these might inspire you to live better and happy life.
I just noticed I have more than 6,500 views on my blog now. That's awesome to know within two months my blog views increased so much. Thank you all^^.


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