Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Tips On: Taking Out Inspirations

Hello there kids :>. I am writing in early today, since I will be having a busy day. I am giving "Craft Diys" a rest these days as I realized I was just posting too many crafts. I want my blog to touch all aspects of fashion world and not just "Crafts".

Today's post is about the trickiest part of whole designing process which is taking out "Inspirations". Many of you kids out there get stuck in middle of not being able to get any creative ideas or inspirations. After releasing several successful designs, I have noticed eventually the designer fails or goes into an uninspiring RUT.

My, or your question is that, why would the creativity level become dull when they say "One can never use up creativity, it keeps on growing"?. So isn't it true?. Let me tell you kids, the little trick I use is called Eye Catching or being Observant. I have been creating from 5 years and trust me there was not a single time where I felt "Stuck" in an uninspired rut or not saw something which did not give me a new idea to create something fresh. Every single picture, every single thing in life has equal possibility for giving birth to an awesome new design. But how will you give birth to new designs?. Observe below:

I came across this awesome photo shoot from Vogue magazine. Just try to notice the unique bits in any photo and mark them with your inspiration which is in your mind. I marked the use of white liner and gemstones bracelet in picture.


Any unique idea would do you good. Like how about something more casual?. The skull cut out shirt is great so I marked it.


Here is my favorite Abbey Dawn Fashion show look. You can not only mark bits and pieces of jewelry or makeup inspirations, but also the color combinations used in any photo.


Here is the makeup look inspiration I took from kareena kapoor's photo.  The trick behind taking out any inspirations is to be observant and look for key elements in the photo.

Lastly, there is always something more than what meets the eye. Practice looking at photos and try marking unique elements/inspirations from them. Eventually you will learn the art of being inspired even in dullest times of the year;>.

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