Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Jealoused Much?..

Haha Ok, so I never really told you kids I am a crazy-witty-quirky writer from the inside. Three years ago, I would write diaries like crazy. I had account at xanga where I would enter my journals 24/7. Then suddenly in 2012, my "writing" passion went goodbye. It was taken over by a giant blob eating up my time with crafts, fashion accessories, styling, graphic designing and photo editing. The witty writer in me disappeared. Too many distractions ruined the voice in my head. But yesterday, I came across this very cool page on facebook called Metronome. Boy did I felt envious checking out the awesome witty captions this guy gives under all his posts? Hell yes. Jealoused much me was stunned by the awesomeness of words, suddenly deja vu occurred to me, and I thought to myself, "Man, I have to improve my writing style and try being a good writer again". Shucks, I know the "Creativity" and drab of designing sucks up most of my time. But this "Writing" aspect is very essential part of me as well.

So what to do now kiddies?. Idea: Why not write all those witty-funny experiences here under "Diary" label on my blog?. That way you might be the judge of my writing asset and clever use of words ;>.


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