Sunday, June 14, 2015

Things I Love # 7 !

Hello there kiddies :>. Many of you might be expecting me to post the question series. I know I told you will be posting next question on Saturday. But I have decided not to and will be keeping it a mystery. I will surprise you with the next question anywhere in coming week ;>.(Why keep it a mystery?, because it's fun right?^).

Today I will be sharing some rad things I came across the other day:


Coca Cola cake?. Good enough to eat ;>. How rad!.


I got shot in my thigh what about you?^.


Puppy with chics how adorable :>.


Such a beautiful place. How cool will it be to do picnic under this tree?;>.


Not to forget sauce boss with giant hot dog.


I never knew Dubai has a flower garden. Visiting it next time ;>.


Will it be wise to have this in your room?. I will want pizza everyday then xp.


I am loving all shots by Tim Walker. Giant Doll is awesome.


Haha Stupid Fats Hobbit. Does this part of "Lord Of the Rings" always makes you laugh?.

Enjoyed much? Thanks for checking out my this week's things i love^.
Happy Weekend everyone ;>,

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