Wednesday, June 8, 2016

be you, be you and be you

So you're a Loser, a hoe and a bitch. The fact you're not good looking, cute  or even hot. Someone who is insecure him/herself about their own "looks" would makeup such shit to drag you into pits of disbelief and doubts about yourself just for the sake of their own pride.

It hurts, I know it does. But did you ever went into deeper implication of why anyone would force you to change yourself for them?. It's an understatement to say that someone would want you "changed" because there's something wrong with you!.

No it Isn't!.

There's nothing wrong with you, but there is something wrong with them for sure. If someone has a problem with the way you dress? Go ask them to take a hike and go f**k them self.

Loser they called you that right?.

Do this: Make this an "excuse" to build yourself up so strong, that this same boy-clothes-wearing-chic becomes shit famous and wanted by everyone which takes them bitches a loaf the fact, how did this 'loser" chic all of a sudden became so damn wanted by everyone else?. Prove them Fools wrong.

It takes time to build following, to build business, to build your market but it is not impossible. At start you will be hated by many for just being yourself, raw & Real You.

Let them hate you for whatever stinkin reason they see you as. Stick to being You, even if it means the real you is crazy, wild, weird, running around in loose boy shirts with docs on, hanging upside down. Those who hate you for being the "wild you" are actually the ones who suck them self, so that's why, when they see someone doing better job having fun, they do their best to bring you freaking down.

It don't matter shit people like them bitches say, as long as you're happy doing all those fun-crazy-wild things. Everyone hates at first, but eventually with time denial and hatred, get replaced by acceptance and appreciation.

Just Be You, Be You, & Be You.
And you shall see the magic of universe then.


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