Saturday, June 11, 2016

your destiny never deceives you.

After conquering Pain, "How does it feel?" they ask me. And I tell them, it's the most beautiful, empowering feeling ever in the world which joy or happiness can never give to you.

It's like seeing dark clouds right next to you floating, you are touching and feeling those clouds, seeing a storm right next to you. But yet, you feel calm, it don't scare you anymore.

It don't make you cry or hurt anymore. That's the greatest feeling you will ever conquer in your life. Some secrets, you don't know yet. I know, but you will find them out soon. It don't matter when that can be. It can be 2 years from now or even 5 years. But let me tell you something, the universe has a "way" of showing us certain things. 

I know it might seem "weird". The fact how can your "destiny" lie to you?. How can your heart-calling lie to you?. The heart never deceives my friend. Just believe this: When destiny calls you to something amazing and that thing turns out "bad" for say some reason. It don't mean, it betrayed you. But it merely means, it's testing you for what you have learned so far in your journey. Do not give up. There's something always more to it then what the eye sees:

Isn't it weird. Isn't it strange.

Even though we were just two strangers,
We were both trying to find a place in the sun.

Isn't it hard?,
Standing in the rain.

No one can hear,
You're screaming so loud.

You feel all alone,
In a faceless crowd.

We all feel,

A little bit weird sometimes.

It's only when you fail, when you break, when you fall apart, you get to have Rebirth and come out stronger as ever.

Let your Art absorb you. Let your days and nights fall by you. Let your passion slowly Kill you. Because it feels great at the end of the day knowing, that there was something worth dying for.


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