Wednesday, June 15, 2016

soul writing and xoxo body art

I asked and let myself be sincere for first time ever in my life. It was the question, I needed to ask my heart. And it's a question you need to ask your heart as well, i.e what is that one thing you can do every single second of your life and never get bored or lose interest from?.

I spend my last 8 years, working as designer, artist, model and recently experienced singing too as an on going passion in my life. But before I was any one of these things or even had knowledge to any of the skills which I possess today at present, I was just a writer.

I remember writing in my journal every day, coming back home from school, filling up those pages with what I did, who I met and what I learned.

It was like a daily ritual, I never questioned nor got bored doing so. Infact, I felt really happy writing it all down on paper. Somewhere in my Life, in those 8 years I spend. My love for writing got lost.

I'm not sure what happened inside of me, but my energy to drive the words out of me on paper just faded away. And i stopped writing. From last 8 years, I wrote hardly 2% of my time compared to how I used to write from age 13 to 18.

Then from end of May 2016, the thrill and excitement I would get while creating art or singing. It just suddenly stopped. And I thought to myself in that very instant moment "For 8 years I would be creating art sometimes 16 hours a day and never in my life lost the "excitement" to not miss a chance to create more. How is it possible, it's not giving me the joy I deserve anymore?".

It was utterly a mixed state of confusion, feeling lost and not knowing what is the purpose of my life?. Because all of the sudden, I just did not even knew anymore what was my passion in life?.

*xoxo body art that I did, which inspired to make me it's comic art*

My destiny give me a stroke of luck from February 22nd 2016 till May 2016. I was flying on 7th cloud enjoying my life like crazy. Everything was exactly going like I ever dreamed of. I was living my dream of being a "rockstar" performing, getting opportunities to go to all these cool events, jamming, having fun with friends and meeting new people. And all of a sudden, when June came. I got thrown from 7th cloud to the pitfall which was 10 feet under the ground.

From last 25 days, I was like a wandering soul. Meditating, praying and still looking for my passion in life. You will be amazed to find out, that it was not till yesterday, I finally find answer to all those questions which were brutally killing my peace of inner soul.

On 14th/June/2016, I realized. I was not thrown off that 7th cloud in order to teach me a lesson to feel grounded or come to the terms of my "dreams" to be crushed. I am a grounded person already. And I will always know my ground no matter how big, successful or rich I will become in my coming years. I will never forget where I have come from. 

So why did that pitfall happened to me?. Simple, to find my true passion and soul for writing again.

On other thoughts, here is an amazing documentary I have been watching today on making of hanson brothers 3rd studio album it's called "Strong enough to break". It's super inspiring to see behind the scene process of blood, sweat, tears that goes into production of an album. Have a look and get inspired:

May you all find, your true passion in life.


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