Thursday, June 9, 2016

how to lose a soulmate

Pain is pure and best felt when it's deep. But losing a soulmate? not the greatest feeling ever. You just give it all and still it's never enough. Say, he was passionate, intense, just like you. You and him shared same music, art & direction in life.

How often does it even happen when you find someone who truly understands what you know and shares same dreams like yours?. 

But see, it don't really matter how much "chemistry" or similarities you have with this very special person. What really matters is that, does this special person wants you or not?.

If he never wanted you, he can never be your soulmate.

I feel deep empathy from my greatest depth of heart for all those who have find someone like that, but that person don't want you with them.

Your so called soulmate might start considering to want you. Otherwise he should just Let You Go. Be with a Real Soulmate. Someone who would cherish every little moment to have with you, someone who would wipe your tears and never hurt you or let you cry.

That's the kind of man you deserve my friends. And not the typical-confused-asshole who would leave you every time when someone influences his thoughts about you.

Consider this, someday, one day very soon. You will find someone who is going to make you feel the most amazing and loved person on planet. He will do his every effort to keep you and make you part of his life forever.

Pray to God and set yourself free.


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