Thursday, June 23, 2016

never growing up and pirates art journal

If i'd tell you i'm 26 years old (gonna turn 27 this year on 10th august ;>). I know you won't believe me and think i'm just shitting around. But honestly that's the truth. Why lie about my age even if i look like a 16 year old kid?

I've learned to Never Grow Up. Might sound a little abnormal but it's kind of fun never growing up just like peter pan.

I do all the crazy things including hanging on monkey bars, going to park, skating, climbing trees and running around like a wild child. It's the best thing ever. I don't feel like a 26 year old at all from any angle.

So if you ask me how does it feel to be 26 years old?. It is awesome. Best part I get to create art every single day.

Here is my Pirates art journal I've designed for all the art journalling freaks out there. It's 10 page fully prepared handmade journal full of scraps, original illustrations and art. Have a look inside my journal right here.

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