Thursday, June 16, 2016

when strangers become more important than our blood relations

"I was never the type of kid, who would fit well and blend at home".

How many of you can easily relate to this statement above?. Over the years, you get involved in toxic relationships with random people from so called lovers to friends who back stab you in the end. You feel heartbroken, depressed and end up sucked in with your own egos and demented bad moods. You feel like completely shutting yourself OUT from everyone including your dad, your mum, your grandma and siblings.

We spend endless hours talking to strangers online. The prophecy of our eyes being totally fixed at 1 screen whether it's cellphone or laptop feels like it's coming true but yet we become BLIND and deaf on purpose. Deaf to what our heart is saying, deaf to what the universe is speaking through us.

In the amidst of the process, you continue with the same repetitive behavior without even realizing the intensity of dysfunctional routine you're falling into traps of. And one day, you wake up and you don't know how to end this, since now you have become a COG in the system of your own guilty pleasure subconsciousness. And what does a cog looks like?. It's a robot with no emotions.

So, everyday you wake up, find yourself in a bad mood. Whether you had a fight with your stupid lover or an idiot friend who ruins your day. Whatever the cause is, it don't matter. But what you don't realize is that, in your unconscious mind, you are neglecting your loved ones by doing so and miss every opportunity of your life by not cherishing the present moment which has been given to you.

On contrary, if you have experienced childhood trauma or abandonment in your life, you can easily relate to what my words are stating here.

You might have created limiting beliefs about growing attached to your loved ones i.e if you will grow close, you will lose them and thereby it's better to detach yourself from them.

As you grow older, becoming more detached, you lose your soul by investing in other meaningless relations. A point comes in your life, where you feel like connecting to people you love but you fail to do so since you have now become the victim of isolation.

Now let me be very honest with you all, you are, losing every chance to be with people who genuinely love you, by CHOOSING not to spend time with them being in your own so called limiting factors.

So, you all ask me, "Seresha, how can we break free from our own created bubble?". My answer, "Knuckle up, knuckle up and knuckle up. Stop talking, Stop feeling, instead go do something about it". Which i'll share below to get you started on.

Here are some ideas you can try, on how you can connect with your loved ones again from a fresh start:

  • First and foremost: Confess to your loved one, why all those years you have not tried to connect with your loved one? Be honest with them. This will make you feel lighter and that "guilt" of shame inside of you, trust me will be gone.
  • Share your life happenings with them: It can be as simple as sharing what you did, who you met today.
  • Have Dinner/breakfast together: No excuses on this one. Shut that darn tv and stupid android.
  • Do some hobby together: Like taking some craft, planting, games etc.
  • Take interest in their life.
  • Spend time with them talking, while doing chores.
  • Help them in any way. It can be as petty as helping to photo shop their pictures.
  • Share your problems.

We all have come here for a short while. While you're living, make the best out of it. Put a smile on your father's or grandma's face.

Now go shut off that laptop or cellphone you're using, stop pretending to be busy when you are not and do something special with your loved one today. Before it's too late and you end up living in regrets for the rest of your 50 years.

What do you think about my today's article? leave in comments. I will gladly reply.


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