Friday, June 17, 2016

how the universe open gates of miracles for you

Consider this: An uneducated, poor man is in his mid 40's. All of his life he struggles with finding a stable job. He has no education or schooling at all, apart from him being "skilled" at mechanics.

All of his life, he struggles with not having enough money to feed himself and his family and suffers the so called stigmata of society. He applies every where for job, but finds no luck in having one. The only thing he continued to do though, was, he took care of his "ill father". Who couldn't walk, who couldn't talk much nor was in healthy state of mind. He would help his father in bathing, prepare his special meals, feed him medicine and try to do things to make him happy.

The day his father dies, after 3 days he gets a call from an american company to work there as a mechanic. Now today, he is earning over 60,000 Rs. every month. Can you believe that?. A person unemployed all of his life, loses his age of being employed and in his mid 40's gets a job out of no where worth this much income?.

See, the point to ponder here, is this, it was not his luck which got him the "job". Infact, it was because of his services he provided during his father's times of "illness" for which the universe rewarded that man with dignity.

Now you might try contradicting me on all of this and not agree. But here's a thing my friends, when you choose to be there for your parents during their time of old age and illness. There is NO QUESTION, that you will not be rewarded for the good deed but you will be.

Shut down that laptop, that darn cellphone of yours for a while. Go spend an hour or two with your father, mother, grandma or any of your loved one. And you will notice yourself, how the universe will open the gates of miracles for you.


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