Tuesday, June 14, 2016

your reality is what you create.

Our society has brainwashed us all in believing the robotic system we have bought our self into i.e invest in a degree, get 9 to 5 job, rubbing and kissing your boss's ass, retire at 45, get a pension plan and then die. It's like all planned and laid out for us already. Isn't that so?.

All of this got me thinking, has this world been created just to Live a life like that and then die?.

For chics, the moment you cross age 24, typical questions start popping out of no where "When are you getting married?". It's like taking a shot of insulin right up in your heart for nothing. By the time you are 26 years old, people be like:

"Girls your age are married and have 2 kids. What the fuck you are doing with you life?"

And my response to such Nay Sayers is simple:

"What the fuck are you doing barging and commenting on me and my life?. Are you the one deciding my destiny here?. You aint the judge of my life so shut up!".

My response might sound "brutal" or too prude to many people, but what no one really realizes is that: everything in this life has a timing. Right time to finally have a partner of yours, right time to get married and also right time for your sources of income to flow. Everything has already been planned out by destiny.

But yet again, pea brainers are always going to be "Pea brainers". So they still be like "You are wrong, what we say is Reality".

No, motherfucker!. That's not the reality. Your reality is what you create from your own thoughts and perception!.

I want to do what my heart says and I will die loving it.
And you, my beautiful lovely single chics, want you all to think the same.


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