Wednesday, June 22, 2016

junk mail and my favorite diys

I openly share my passion for junk with the world out there. Not many of you realize how much importance I give to "recycling". It is very damn necessary for me as an artist to contribute in this world in some way.

Our eco system is fucked. Sorry being blunt here but it's true. And I look at the pile of paper scraps in my box in studio as gem. Every single piece of junk has got so much potential to take form of beautiful art, but no one really puts their brain into act of creativity.

Over course of 6 years working as designer/artist, keeping 6 exhibitions, getting featured on samatv in "recycling" documentary on my products, collaborating with dozens of designers/artists, I've sold over 10,000 products of mine made purely from recycling material.

It's precious. Few weeks ago my uncle left for Canada. He left behind me bag full of "junk". Which In your eyes of course it's junk, but to me it's what I consider solid base for my artworks.

There is nothing to be ashamed in enjoying to create art from things which people would otherwise throw away. I'd rather encourage you all to contribute in some way to our eco system and put your creative side to come up with some pretty art ideas and share with the world.

Have a look at my collection of diys I have made using nothing but recycled material and get inspired:
Here is what I am going to invite you all to do: Create some awesome ideas made from recycling material and #sereshaseethis on instagram. I will feature your creations on my account and facebook page.


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