Tuesday, November 17, 2015

DIY: Cupcake Card

Hello all . I have started on new DIYs all over again & I can't wait to share with you the upcoming crafts I'm working on. Today I will share with you how to make this super cute "Kawaii" inspired birthday card from recycled material & scraps of paper lying around in your house.

Note down the material list kids:

  1. Light & hot pink colored paper
  2. White & golden glitter foamic pieces
  3. White art card(A4)
  4. Silver glitter pen
  5. Pink glitter dust
  6. Uhu Glue Tube
  7. Whitener Pen
  8. Lacquer Spray
  9. Hot pink ribbon
  10. Scissors & pencil
(Sucky Photo quality of few images I know just bear this time my friends, I made this in much hurry because I so wanted to show you how to make this with details)

Step#1: Draw cupcake drafts & cut them out.

Step#2: Cut a heart out of hot pink paper & add fun scribbles using silver glitter pen.

Step#3: Draw cute-quirky designs using whitener pen(as shown below)

Step#4: Using UHU tube, make tiny hearts & patterns. Sprinkle glitter on top. Once dried, just shake it off. (I kept magazine under my art).

Step#5: Using UHU glue tube, adhere the cupcake toppings together. 

Step#6: Spray lacquer spray on top, in order to stop glitter from tarnishing.

Step#7: Add cute tiny bow. I taught you how to make this miniature bow already right here.

Step#8: Fold A4 size art card into two. Paste everything on top layer & cut out the the cupcake. It should open up like a card.

You can gift these to your friends & any young kiddo who loves "pink".

This cupcake card of mine has been sold for 395 Rs. You can place custom order for this on my instagram shop right here.

Quick Recycling Tip:
Always collect excessive glitter in folded piece of paper so that you can put it back into it's container avoiding wastage.

Hope this helped you in some way.
See you again tomorrow with new DIY.


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