Monday, November 16, 2015

Collab: Pink Ribbon & Scottman Organization

Hello Everyone. I know I was long gone & took a vicious siege. I am back now for good. Apologies for my no updates. I was just going through what you call "Artistic Block". I want to share so many awesome things with you all that I have been up to. Starting from my collaboration with Pink Ribbon Charity.

Alright, so in October (since it's called Pink-to-ber), I got offered to create collection for Pink Ribbon Charity & keep an adorable handmade art stall. I was seriously honored, at the same time the whole process of making full collection was quite overwhelming. Since I had only 10 days left to my stall & was working 14 hours a day.

It was a 3 day event & within 3 days 400+ products of mine sold out. All of my products which sold out I will share bit by bit. I will also write my handmade art stall experience too soon.

Here are my rad cards I designed for Pink ribbon Charity, I made 6 of them handmade & 10 cards were made at adobe Illustrator. I took their print outs later.

I also made this adorbs pink ribbon illustration on cardboard using acrylic paints & embellishments.

And this cute pink ribbon mini painting, which got sold instantly.

And oh, my this cardboard artwork got sold too.

Here are 4 cards left from my pink ribbon collection, which I won't be selling for now. The rest of products displayed on stall table (shown above 400+ sold out).

My instagram shop is running fellas. I have just started taking custom orders on hand made recycled cardboard artworks. You can get any illustration made with embellishment on custom order. You can even get your "Portrait" made in comic form (e.g like I have made a pink ribbon chic below). Just simply leave comment/message on my instagram shop account for any custom order.

Thanks for letting me share my art fellas.
And seriously thank you for regularly checking my blog even when am not updating it.
I will be regular now & on wards. *Promise*


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