Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Quirky Sewing Machine Paintings x>

Hello my lovely friends :>. I want to give you quick shop update about my these adorb paintings.  So many people thought these were "Sketchbooks" at my booth. Lol when actually these are fresh girly looking paintings. Let's have a closer look:

My paintings stacked up so you can see their sizes easily. I have made these on 3 different painting canvas size with totally different colors using acrylic paints.


Pink one has tiny heart on it & mint blue one says "I love you" in doodle form. Now I am thinking to change the design of the green painting a bit. Will share with you in coming days :>.


Ps, my this mini pink painting got sold. You can have a look at all of my awesome products right here in detail.

Saoirse Chic

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