Friday, June 10, 2016


Life has a weird way of showing you things. Imagine a small kid, growing up with a drunken father, who would beat him up, take every penny and spend on booze. The kid grows up in days of despair, where he has no money, no food and no, nothing at home. But yet he still struggles every single second of his childhood and most importantly, he never stops praying.

The same kid, who was a "Nobody", after 15 years is in New York, earning 11 lakhs per month, happily married to a sincere partner. See, time has an essence of changing things you can not even ever imagine.

At current stage of your life, things may not be making any sense to you. That why something happened for what?. I know right now you all might just know one side of equation only and not the other part which is still yours to find out.

But with patience everything gets conquered my friends. Sometimes bad things happen on purpose because they eventually lead you to the most amazing things which you can never imagine yourself in life.

Never lose hope. Never Lose faith.
Pray. Meditate. Work Hard.
Never stop Dreaming.

Possibilities, never forget them.


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  1. Love your writing and inspiring and encouraging words! Don't lose hope and stay strong ^^ Thank you for this post! It's really wonderful^^

    1. thank you so much for checking my blog post c:
      bless you


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