Sunday, June 12, 2016

learn to protect your art and become cruel

One of the greatest mistakes I've done in pursuit of being an "artist" is not becoming selfish with my art. Now by being selfish, I mean you need to Kill your loveless desires for the moment, in order to get what you want. You need to always think about your passion, your art first and then everything else my friends.

If say, you are chasing your own "desires" even when you know, your art will suffer, if you'll do so and yet, you let your "desires" takeover art instead. Then trust me it will never get to see days of glory.

You must become cruel with your art, your passion, your dreams and do not let anyone damage them.

It is true, you only get first stroke of luck to push you in the direction of your heart calling and then from there, the universe tests you of everything which you have been taught and learned so far in your journey.

Sometimes when your heart stops telling you certain things. It is then, the universe sends you messages through people who can help you in your journey to reach your destiny.

When loneliness and thoughts of getting thrown out in the open sky with fear of dying in hunger does not scare you anymore. Then trust me, you have finally found the real purpose of your life.

Once you have found the "Purpose" for which you have been sent in this world then nothing really matters to you anymore. All you could think about is what you should be doing in "present" to serve your purpose.

It is your utter duty then, to protect your art, your mission, your passion and the real purpose for which you have been sent to this world.


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