Sunday, June 19, 2016

black and white fashionistas

*Cheryl Cole rocks out in black and white hearts shirt with white pants with black polka dots-fit to say prints can be mixed and matched*

*A similar mix and match printed combination*

*No one rocks black and white like Karl does eh?. Gush out at this cool article I read on cosmopolitan: what if you were karl lagerfeld's cat? Ladies, the perks are high can't complain*

*One of my all time favorite brands : dollskill . Who wouldn't kill to have platforms like these which can open up to storage your pearls necklace ;>. Fashion and sheek in one product*

*New meat to look for: Melanie Martinez . She is the new rocking diva sporting half white, half black dyed hairdo-Love it!*

Question Time: What is your favorite sporting black and white look? Leave in comments and i'll cherish ;>.


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