Tuesday, June 7, 2016

*Grumpy Chic Framed Necklace*

One of the things I've learned over time working as artist/designer for 8years now is that: Art takes patience to form it's final state of perfection. Many of my artworks pile up being unfinished because I go with my gut feeling for creating them. If say my intuition is not giving me idea of which color to use & what design to create then I wait till my heart calls me towards a particular vision.

*Kyary Pamyu Pamyu inspired shots I did few days back*
*The giant framed artwork necklace popped in my head out of no where. 
Yay! Kawaii?*

Process of creating my grumpy chic artwork:

Initially I drew the sketch, started painting it up with no sense of direction of colors.

*Then I cut out these tiny doodle art white flowers to fit them on my artwork somehow*

*I painted it's background pink with glitter*

*Painted her hairs blue, added white dots & cute little tiny heart on her cheek*

*Whole idea of making this was: I envisioned myself wearing a framed necklace which would have an artwork of chic wearing same necklace*

Bottom Line: Took me 20 days to envision the right colors/design I wanted for this one. Many of my unfinished artworks keep piling up till i get the right intuition & feel to draw them. I hate to rush in my art. Sometimes the idea is right there & it requires no wait. Other times it takes days.

What you think about my this new artwork?



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