Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Inspirations Volume#2

I know i'm posting at my blog in an irregular manner these days x>. But don't think i've disappeared, i have not. I'm working on series of projects, preparing some fun posts for you all. Just can't wait to share them all with you^. Very soon i will be posting according to a schedule, IA will reveal soon. Thanks for supporting me till now :^.

So today i decided to share 10 of my fun inspirations with you all. Some pretty things which are killing me these days include:

#1 Lips Clutch:

I am in love with this jello like lips clutch, find it very unique & perfect for the coming season, can imagine a yellow clutch going well with black & white stripy top or socks ;>.
Plus point: anyone can pull this off carrying "lips" x>.

#2 Splatter Chocolate:

I absolutely am impressed by how the designer behind this Candy bar,used edible paint splatter on top of real chocolate bar x>. How clever! It's so pretty it will be unfair to eat this seriously ^).

#3 Lindsay Lohan Photo Shoot:

(Send me link to this photo if you have)

I love this photoshoot of lindsay lohan quite unique compared to her usual shoots x>, not to forget her hairstyle love it!

#4 Creeptionary:

(Lost the link kindly send me if you have)

I'm a geek in love with monster high dolls x>, i find them all so adorable more importantly love their vocabulary used in cartoon series. Learn some from above x>.

#5  Scheduled On White Board:

I got very much inspired by planning blog posts two weeks ahead that's a very good way to stay organized, i am following the same rule but with my own twist. So this one has to go in your "to-do-must list". Plus dividing your weeks with tape is a good idea for you to avoid erasing the lines every time you change your plans ;>! 

#6 Saint Laurent:

(Send me link to this photo)

I can go on talking about my favorite bits of inspiring things which these amazing designers create every single day x>, their pieces are absolutely gorgeous!! I came across this pretty idea of interlinking your collection with some cosmetic product like above^) matching collection with perfume!!.
Wow I would have never thought that! & her long muffler is to die for!

#7 Breaking Bad:

(Send me link to this photo)

The greatest show on planet which almost killed me in the end lol. Mr.Walter White will always live on as my inspiration x>. And yes he is my big inspiration for the coming projects. If you have not seen this show yet, You have not LIVED at all seriously, make sure you watch this till you're alive;>!.

#8 Keira Knightley:

(Send me link to this photo)

Firstly love keira's Big pearl necklace, secondly her OUTFIT is just wow! Using color palettes as dress pattern?;> clever ! who would have thought that & combining it with lace neckline! Absolutely gorgeous. Not to forget the vintage photo effect on this picture *Inspiring*.

#9 Stripy Ties:

(Send me link to this photo)

I have a thing for stripes pattern, i own more than 20 stripy clothes & accessories ;>. The thing about black & white stripes always remind me of wizard of Oz feet which were growing out of ground. Can not resist them need to have these in one of my coming projects.

#10 Pizza:

Whether it's a pattern or an accessory pizza with pepperoni is must have :D. It's my favorite snack & find it kind of cool to be pulling off a wearable pizza accessory ;>. That's my inspiration too.

Well, this concludes my upcoming projects which will be coming from my these inspirations. I just can't wait for you to all see my future posts ^).

Hope you enjoyed my inspirations.
Until next time,


Thursday, July 24, 2014

Katy Perry Mask (Customer Order#2)

They say curiosity killed the cat. The moment I saw katy perry wearing this adorable Glitterfied cat mask, i knew it!, i have to make one for my stall.^ It all started just for fun & eventually when this one got *SOLD*. 
Before i knew i was already getting custom orders for these.

My Cat masks are super cool, fun for some birthday costume party, halloween or for classic photo booth props. You can get these Customized too on your choice. After seeing Katy perry's picture a 100 times observing details of her mask, i decided to go & research on it. I wanted Cat mask to look like hers a bit, but with my own touch of inspiration on top. So i came across these adorable photo booth cat mask props & found the kitty version perfect for mask inspo x>:

Purrfect isn't it ?x>
(Kindly send me link to this photo i lost it)

After deciding the perfect mask size & shape, next came materials. I wanted to make my own glitter since typical golden is too common, I mixed 3, 4 glitters to form this amazing mated sort of gold glitter. Next came the mask base, felt/foam sheet best option with proper lining behind. Elastic thread or elastic both works for the mask strings x>. After sprinkling glitter all over the cute cat mask, i leave to dry overnight & it was ready the next day. By the way it took me atleast 3 days to complete the whole process of making this mask.

I loved these pictures of katy perry x> 

I decided to print this out on very fine glossy hard sheet paper & attached it with my mask for my customer to have it as memento of my inspiration;>.

(If you have links to these photos send me  x>)

My mask was ready to display here it is:

My customer found my mask so adorable she bought it instantly declaring
 "It's way too cute to let it stay at your booth table" xD
Aww how sweet :,)

Thanks for letting me share my mask inspiration ;>.
I will be adding lots of more cool products & my custom orders bit by bit.

Till then^,



Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Cat Vest(Customer Order#1)

 I love all my custom orders i receive so much that it gets hard to pick my one favorite. But it's safe to say, all the "Cat Nips"(That's what i call my catnips series) products including custom versions are my favorite.^

Here's my Cat's Vest Order Story:

My customer send me picture of her cat, So i edited it. Added fun props on the cat face & decided to print it on a vest. It was fun process, quite overwhelming, because the main cat face should be the perfect one for the kind of vest i wanted to make for my client & the decision was not easy one x>. First i showed various samples of cat face to my customer:

She loved the hat in this one but wanted it smaller.

In this one clearly it became obvious the kitty needs a bowtie^.

This one was perfect but the bow was to be replaced.

Finally image of cat gets selected, She loves it^.

Note: You may use my cat faces but don't forget to credit me. 
I will honour you for that & might mention you in good words in my upcoming posts x>.

Next came the part of "cutifying" the vest x>. I had a vision to see the vest having neon yellow polka dots all over with this cute cat face in middle. The question came "how to make polka dots with what medium?". For this i made special Polka Dot stamp(You want to make one?x> wait till my next post pweez) for vest along with Neon Paint(Not fabric paint, i had to mix 3 mediums to make the color permanent on vest at the sametime make it this much dense to be able to stamp with easily). 

The stamping process took me atleast 3-4 days to complete, as you don't want them to smudge & you can't work all day on it. So with breaks in between you can say it took me 4 days x>.Once the polka dots dried overnight. I printed cat's face on vest.

Customer's Vest ready ^, & O hey look her cat is already loving the vest !
Adorable aint he? x>.

Hope this inspired you, i will be giving detailed customer order previews one by one IA.
Till next post,



Thursday, July 17, 2014

Summer Crush!!

Some fun products i
wanted to share with you
all x>. 
I made combination
of all summer
love colors!
I am loving donuts vest
from forever 21,
It is extremely cute!!
Product links below <3

Monday, July 14, 2014

Report Time!

These days i am working on my 2 year report that i need to submit by 21st x>,
Ahh scared i know!, 
I should be,..
It's the worst feeling ever to be unorganized on very last minute...
Report writing requires time, organizing & lots more stamina for sitting at screen dead straight all day..! 

But here's a good news, I came up with perfect tips of how to beat this fatigue during your constant sit ups..
These might help you get through your bleak report writing process whether it's college, school or university..:

#1 Do Not Make Report Burden For Yourself:
I know this might not to be easy to do, but trust me if you will burden yourself with report writing thoughts, instead of actually working on it for real..you will never finish it on time. Take report writing as a challenge instead of.a headache, I did burden myself with these thoughts (Yes!) now i am facing big problems in completing my task on time. So DON'T.

#2 Don't Make SomeOne Else Do Your Report Work:
This part is very important as many chics get their reports made from outside & trust me 98% of such reports get rejected on first look. It's not about how much of an "expert" made report for you, but it's about how much of your personal experience during your project developments you added in the report. The reader who will be checking your report & grading you on per basis, is a professional mind that ;>. He/she will figure out instantly which words have been copied and which are not written by you. Don't take risk, do it yourself better kids.

#3 Get Organized:
Make separate folders for each subject & start adding all the practical work you have done. Make table of contents & list of figures. Note down numbering of all your headlines on page for your prompt ease when typing in list of figures, because sweety this process takes away all the sweat from your soul, it sucks big time.

Last & least my advice, take breaks in between your typing process, do not become adhered to the screen, i tried doing that & next thing i knew was getting my eyes "Stuck out" for real xD.

Hope this will help you get through your report writing process,
Till then,



Saturday, July 12, 2014

Tips On: Hair Chalk!

I live in Islamabad, here you can't find hair chalk that easily. So i asked my ma to send me from Usa(lucky me). But you can buy them easily at target's for hardly 5$ x> .

This one is very handy it lets you play with some chalk without getting your hands messy x>
It comes in two colors mint green & baby pink how cute!

These are very lovely too, they look like lollipops. The ball of pop is for your grip
during chalking process x>.

 The idea of hair chalking is so much fun. You can add parrot green or hot pink streak at anytime in your hairs. Say you are heading out for party wearing pink dress- *Snap* You go with parrot green hair streak. Hair chalk is washable & requires just bit of care for having nice smooth results.

Here are some tips for you to get started on:

#1 Make sure your hairs are washed & not oily, since the chalk won't  blend well on oily hairs.
#2 On darker hairs the result won't be much obvious (since i'm brunette myself), But still the color will pop out somehow at least.
#3 Hair chalk can make hair dry & rough, that's natural, will be happening, nothing to worry about x>.
#4 If you going out at day time in sunlight in hot weather I won't recommend you hair chalking yourself.
#5 For removing your hair chalk, go take a shower & condition your hairs :D!

Fun right?
Now here's how you gonna hair chalk:
(Kindly send me link to this photo I lost it)

This girl has lighter tone hairs so the result is coming out sweet x>.

And now for my result:
Ta-da x>, this is what you'll get on a brunette like me :>

Have fun with hair chalk,
So let me know how it went,
Subscribe x>



Friday, July 11, 2014

My Inspirations Volume:1

Hello everyone this is gonna be my first ever inspo post, I'm the sort of person who has millions of inspirations but i'll share just 5 of these with you today, i don't want to burden you all with my exploding ideas in head, i'll keep sharing fun inspirations bit by bit so don't worry about that :>!

I love these lace like hairbands. These might not be as soft as they look,
But an idea popped in my head for these, why not use dyed doilies for these instead of steel ;>?


Betsey johnson,i'm a big fan of her.
She lives in a pink world like i do.
I absolutely love the bottle of this perfume so pretty x> you can even make something inspired by it for decoration with wire & diamantes?;> maybe?.

Perfect model pose for a shoot. Love her heels along with sitting
style & her big hat super cool x>.

Tea towels , these are so beautiful I wish i could remember link to 
these, definitely must have.

Aint kelly osbourne such a cutie with light purple hair? :}
And her sparkly silver neckline is to love.

I don't own any of these pictures, I saved them from different networking sites,
I lost their link so,
Kindly message me your link if you own any of these snaps,
I will gladly add them here x>.

Hope you enjoyed these,
I will be posting more bits soon x>
Till then,