Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Inspirations Volume#2

I know i'm posting at my blog in an irregular manner these days x>. But don't think i've disappeared, i have not. I'm working on series of projects, preparing some fun posts for you all. Just can't wait to share them all with you^. Very soon i will be posting according to a schedule, IA will reveal soon. Thanks for supporting me till now :^.

So today i decided to share 10 of my fun inspirations with you all. Some pretty things which are killing me these days include:

#1 Lips Clutch:

I am in love with this jello like lips clutch, find it very unique & perfect for the coming season, can imagine a yellow clutch going well with black & white stripy top or socks ;>.
Plus point: anyone can pull this off carrying "lips" x>.

#2 Splatter Chocolate:

I absolutely am impressed by how the designer behind this Candy bar,used edible paint splatter on top of real chocolate bar x>. How clever! It's so pretty it will be unfair to eat this seriously ^).

#3 Lindsay Lohan Photo Shoot:

(Send me link to this photo if you have)

I love this photoshoot of lindsay lohan quite unique compared to her usual shoots x>, not to forget her hairstyle love it!

#4 Creeptionary:

(Lost the link kindly send me if you have)

I'm a geek in love with monster high dolls x>, i find them all so adorable more importantly love their vocabulary used in cartoon series. Learn some from above x>.

#5  Scheduled On White Board:

I got very much inspired by planning blog posts two weeks ahead that's a very good way to stay organized, i am following the same rule but with my own twist. So this one has to go in your "to-do-must list". Plus dividing your weeks with tape is a good idea for you to avoid erasing the lines every time you change your plans ;>! 

#6 Saint Laurent:

(Send me link to this photo)

I can go on talking about my favorite bits of inspiring things which these amazing designers create every single day x>, their pieces are absolutely gorgeous!! I came across this pretty idea of interlinking your collection with some cosmetic product like above^) matching collection with perfume!!.
Wow I would have never thought that! & her long muffler is to die for!

#7 Breaking Bad:

(Send me link to this photo)

The greatest show on planet which almost killed me in the end lol. Mr.Walter White will always live on as my inspiration x>. And yes he is my big inspiration for the coming projects. If you have not seen this show yet, You have not LIVED at all seriously, make sure you watch this till you're alive;>!.

#8 Keira Knightley:

(Send me link to this photo)

Firstly love keira's Big pearl necklace, secondly her OUTFIT is just wow! Using color palettes as dress pattern?;> clever ! who would have thought that & combining it with lace neckline! Absolutely gorgeous. Not to forget the vintage photo effect on this picture *Inspiring*.

#9 Stripy Ties:

(Send me link to this photo)

I have a thing for stripes pattern, i own more than 20 stripy clothes & accessories ;>. The thing about black & white stripes always remind me of wizard of Oz feet which were growing out of ground. Can not resist them need to have these in one of my coming projects.

#10 Pizza:

Whether it's a pattern or an accessory pizza with pepperoni is must have :D. It's my favorite snack & find it kind of cool to be pulling off a wearable pizza accessory ;>. That's my inspiration too.

Well, this concludes my upcoming projects which will be coming from my these inspirations. I just can't wait for you to all see my future posts ^).

Hope you enjoyed my inspirations.
Until next time,


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