Saturday, July 12, 2014

Tips On: Hair Chalk!

I live in Islamabad, here you can't find hair chalk that easily. So i asked my ma to send me from Usa(lucky me). But you can buy them easily at target's for hardly 5$ x> .

This one is very handy it lets you play with some chalk without getting your hands messy x>
It comes in two colors mint green & baby pink how cute!

These are very lovely too, they look like lollipops. The ball of pop is for your grip
during chalking process x>.

 The idea of hair chalking is so much fun. You can add parrot green or hot pink streak at anytime in your hairs. Say you are heading out for party wearing pink dress- *Snap* You go with parrot green hair streak. Hair chalk is washable & requires just bit of care for having nice smooth results.

Here are some tips for you to get started on:

#1 Make sure your hairs are washed & not oily, since the chalk won't  blend well on oily hairs.
#2 On darker hairs the result won't be much obvious (since i'm brunette myself), But still the color will pop out somehow at least.
#3 Hair chalk can make hair dry & rough, that's natural, will be happening, nothing to worry about x>.
#4 If you going out at day time in sunlight in hot weather I won't recommend you hair chalking yourself.
#5 For removing your hair chalk, go take a shower & condition your hairs :D!

Fun right?
Now here's how you gonna hair chalk:
(Kindly send me link to this photo I lost it)

This girl has lighter tone hairs so the result is coming out sweet x>.

And now for my result:
Ta-da x>, this is what you'll get on a brunette like me :>

Have fun with hair chalk,
So let me know how it went,
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