Friday, July 11, 2014

My Inspirations Volume:1

Hello everyone this is gonna be my first ever inspo post, I'm the sort of person who has millions of inspirations but i'll share just 5 of these with you today, i don't want to burden you all with my exploding ideas in head, i'll keep sharing fun inspirations bit by bit so don't worry about that :>!

I love these lace like hairbands. These might not be as soft as they look,
But an idea popped in my head for these, why not use dyed doilies for these instead of steel ;>?


Betsey johnson,i'm a big fan of her.
She lives in a pink world like i do.
I absolutely love the bottle of this perfume so pretty x> you can even make something inspired by it for decoration with wire & diamantes?;> maybe?.

Perfect model pose for a shoot. Love her heels along with sitting
style & her big hat super cool x>.

Tea towels , these are so beautiful I wish i could remember link to 
these, definitely must have.

Aint kelly osbourne such a cutie with light purple hair? :}
And her sparkly silver neckline is to love.

I don't own any of these pictures, I saved them from different networking sites,
I lost their link so,
Kindly message me your link if you own any of these snaps,
I will gladly add them here x>.

Hope you enjoyed these,
I will be posting more bits soon x>
Till then,

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