Monday, July 14, 2014

Report Time!

These days i am working on my 2 year report that i need to submit by 21st x>,
Ahh scared i know!, 
I should be,..
It's the worst feeling ever to be unorganized on very last minute...
Report writing requires time, organizing & lots more stamina for sitting at screen dead straight all day..! 

But here's a good news, I came up with perfect tips of how to beat this fatigue during your constant sit ups..
These might help you get through your bleak report writing process whether it's college, school or university..:

#1 Do Not Make Report Burden For Yourself:
I know this might not to be easy to do, but trust me if you will burden yourself with report writing thoughts, instead of actually working on it for will never finish it on time. Take report writing as a challenge instead of.a headache, I did burden myself with these thoughts (Yes!) now i am facing big problems in completing my task on time. So DON'T.

#2 Don't Make SomeOne Else Do Your Report Work:
This part is very important as many chics get their reports made from outside & trust me 98% of such reports get rejected on first look. It's not about how much of an "expert" made report for you, but it's about how much of your personal experience during your project developments you added in the report. The reader who will be checking your report & grading you on per basis, is a professional mind that ;>. He/she will figure out instantly which words have been copied and which are not written by you. Don't take risk, do it yourself better kids.

#3 Get Organized:
Make separate folders for each subject & start adding all the practical work you have done. Make table of contents & list of figures. Note down numbering of all your headlines on page for your prompt ease when typing in list of figures, because sweety this process takes away all the sweat from your soul, it sucks big time.

Last & least my advice, take breaks in between your typing process, do not become adhered to the screen, i tried doing that & next thing i knew was getting my eyes "Stuck out" for real xD.

Hope this will help you get through your report writing process,
Till then,



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