Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Cat Vest(Customer Order#1)

 I love all my custom orders i receive so much that it gets hard to pick my one favorite. But it's safe to say, all the "Cat Nips"(That's what i call my catnips series) products including custom versions are my favorite.^

Here's my Cat's Vest Order Story:

My customer send me picture of her cat, So i edited it. Added fun props on the cat face & decided to print it on a vest. It was fun process, quite overwhelming, because the main cat face should be the perfect one for the kind of vest i wanted to make for my client & the decision was not easy one x>. First i showed various samples of cat face to my customer:

She loved the hat in this one but wanted it smaller.

In this one clearly it became obvious the kitty needs a bowtie^.

This one was perfect but the bow was to be replaced.

Finally image of cat gets selected, She loves it^.

Note: You may use my cat faces but don't forget to credit me. 
I will honour you for that & might mention you in good words in my upcoming posts x>.

Next came the part of "cutifying" the vest x>. I had a vision to see the vest having neon yellow polka dots all over with this cute cat face in middle. The question came "how to make polka dots with what medium?". For this i made special Polka Dot stamp(You want to make one?x> wait till my next post pweez) for vest along with Neon Paint(Not fabric paint, i had to mix 3 mediums to make the color permanent on vest at the sametime make it this much dense to be able to stamp with easily). 

The stamping process took me atleast 3-4 days to complete, as you don't want them to smudge & you can't work all day on it. So with breaks in between you can say it took me 4 days x>.Once the polka dots dried overnight. I printed cat's face on vest.

Customer's Vest ready ^, & O hey look her cat is already loving the vest !
Adorable aint he? x>.

Hope this inspired you, i will be giving detailed customer order previews one by one IA.
Till next post,



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